The Company That Made Recruiting a Team Sport

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talent filled T Company T Made he hat Recruiting a T Sport eam a story

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Once Upon a T ime… T was a company that decided here it wanted to hire the best talent out there. We  need   top  talent!   Doesn’t   everyone?  

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T rival had just one recruiter heir who worked alone. I  don’t  need   your  help  guys.   I  got  this!   We’re  too   busy   anyways.     RabbleRabble   Besides,   its  not  my   job.  

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But they wanted to do something different Let’s  not   be  like   those  guys.   Agreed.  

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So they made recruiting a team sport and got everyone involved Guys,  we’re  gonna   hire  the  best  talent   out  there  and  we’re   gonna  do  it  together.     Are  you   with  us?   Yes!!!!  

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Rather than just have one recruiter, they had a coach who trained everyone to be a recruiter. Remember,   recruiFng  is  a   team  sport.   Coach  

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T Recruiting Coach showed he everyone how to recruit talent Don’t  just   tweet  the  link.   Tag  friends  and   send  it  to   specific  people.   Coach  

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T the coach worked with hiring managers and the hen marketing team to make every job description sexy This  sales  job  sounds   so  great  I  just  might   quit  the  markeFng   team  to  join  them!     That’s   the  spirit!   I  know   right?!   Coach  

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For each job all team members were asked to identify interview questions that would show how well a candidate fit with the team On  our  team  we  really  need  to   ask  candidates  how  they  get   around.  Get  it?  A  ROUND?!   Oh   brother.   HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA!   HAHAHA!   Coach  

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Employees were trained on how to search for people with similar skills in their own network You’re  great  at   programming.  Have  you   ever  thought  about  joining   the  programmer  network?   Coach   Great  idea!  

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And everyone shared job openings on social media OMG!  We’re   trending!  We’re   trending!   That’s  the   power  of   social.   Coach  

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Everyone shared ideas with each other on how to attract talent So  I  started  this   “I  love  my  job”   meme  that  is   just  killing  it!   That  sounds   awesome!  

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And of course they worked together in Hello T alent We  sure   did!   Coach  

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After a few months the company had hired a bunch of all-stars Did  someone   say…  stars?   I  believe  that   was  the   narrator.  

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T rival didn’t make recruiting a team sport heir and didn’t use Hello T alent Someone  PLEASE  come   work  for  us!  We’re  a   great  company  I  swear!  

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What do you get with Hello T alent? •  •  •  •  •  Easy to invite, share, and collaborate All candidates in one place, up to date, for everyone to see Shared comments and feedback Social media integration Sourcing tools make it so EVERYONE can contribute prospective candidates •  A team-based, collaborative approach to recruiting

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