25 Sales Interview Questions to Recruit Superstar Reps

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The 25 Best Sales Interview Questions To Recruit Superstar Reps

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Sales hiring can be tricky.

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Sales representative is the secondmost difficult position to fill in 2015.* *ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey, 2015

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Don’t fret...

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Sales representative is the second…These 25 interview questions most difficult hire the fill in 2015. will help youposition to best of the bunch.

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1 What’s your opinion of the role of learning in sales?

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Look for candidates who are life-long learners, which is becoming increasingly important in sales.

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2 How do you keep up-to-date on your target market?

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Candidates should be able to to find and keep up-to-date with relevant industry content.

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3 Explain something to me.

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This technically isn’t a question, but tests if your candidate is innately helpful.

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4 What’s worse: not making quota every month or not having happy customers?

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Depending on company goals, either could be right. But beware of reps who value quota more than customer needs.

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5 How would you approach a short sales cycle differently than a long one?

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Short cycles require closers. Longer sales cycles need a more tailored approach. Reps should know the difference.

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6 When do you stop pursuing a client?

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In general, the more persistent and tenacious reps are, the better.

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7 What kind of customer are you most comfortable selling to?

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Make sure their answer is related to the buying process, not an arbitrary demographic.

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8 What’s your least favorite part of the sales process?

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Make sure their least favorite step isn’t the most important part of your process.

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9 What motivates you?

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Think about your company culture. If you emphasize teamwork, “competition” may not be the best answer.

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10 What is your ultimate career aspiration?

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If a candidate’s goals can’t be met at your company, you might be interviewing again sooner than you’d like.

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11 What are three adjectives a former client would use to describe you?

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Listen for synonyms of “helpful” – sales is becoming increasingly consultative.

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Like these questions?

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You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! We’ve got plenty more sales tips and tricks up our sleeve.

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For even more great sales content, subscribe to the HubSpot Sales Blog today. You’re only a click away! >>

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12 How do you keep a smile on your face during a hard day?

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Observe how the candidate handles rejection. Do they bounce back quickly?

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13 Why do you want to be a salesperson?

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Commission checks -- while part of the allure of sales -- is not the ideal answer.

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14 Have you ever had a losing streak? How did you turn it around?

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Slumps are part of the job. What did they learn from their last losing streak?

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15 What do you think our company/sales organization could do better?

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This question reveals if a candidate did their research, and whether they’re creative.

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16 In your last role, how much time did you spend hunting or farming, and why?

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Beware of candidates who can only hunt or farm. Both skills are vital to selling well.

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17 How do you handle customer objections?

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“I wing it” isn’t a good answer. Preparation and process are crucial to overcoming prospect objections.

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18 Have you asked a prospect why they didn’t buy? What did you learn?

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Salespeople who learn from both their failures and their successes are valuable hires.

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19 What role does social media play in your selling process?

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If the candidate hasn’t used social media before, make sure they’re willing to learn.

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20 What role does content play in your selling process?

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Like social media, candidates who don’t already engage with content should want to start doing so.

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21 How do you research prospects? What information do you look for before calls?

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Ensure that candidates use LinkedIn to find information on prospects so they can tailor communication.

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22 Have you ever turned a prospect away? If so, why?

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Make sure candidates are comfortable turning away prospects that aren’t a good fit.

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23 What are some of your favorite questions to ask prospects?

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Open-ended questions that help reps thoroughly understand prospects’ needs are as good as gold.

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24 What’s your take on collaboration within a sales team?

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Collaboration makes for a good work environment and improves knowledge sharing.

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25 If you were hired, what would you do during your first month?

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Their plan doesn’t have to blow you away. But if they have one at all, you have a self-starter on your hands.

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Did you find these questions helpful?

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There’s plenty more where that came from.

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For even more great sales content, subscribe to the HubSpot Sales Blog today! You’re only a click away! >>

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Thanks for reading!

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