HR Experts Share How Analytics are Shaping a #SmarterWorkforce

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HR Experts Share How Analytics are Shaping a #SmarterWorkforce “Adoption of new ways of looking at analytics will be a powerful force of growth and indicators of performance.” - China Gorman @ChinaGorman “Use data analytics to make everyone in HR be more strategic instead of tactical.” - Joel Peterson @joelyoh “When you find the right structure, you need to help people find the value of analytics.” - Mike Woodward “Dr. Woody” @DrWoody “Are you adopting analytics inside your company as you should? Using analytics to hire the right people is a culture question.” - Meghan M. Biro @MeghanMBiro “What data today that we hold precious will we not care about in the future?” - Duke Daehling @DukeDaehling “Strong leadership and integrating analytics is key to work in tandem to validate our human gut instinct.” - Brian Moran @BrianMoran “As we’re trying to move into analytics, we need to find a balance and keep the human in human resources.” - Mike Haberman @MikeHaberman To learn about IBM workplace analytics solutions, visit ibm.com/kenexa-unlocked #SmarterWorkforce

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