Making Work Suck Less: E3's #CultureCode

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Hello, we are E3 Probably the best company you’ve never heard of. e3reloaded.com #CultureCode

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Work sucks An average person spends 80, 000 hours at work in their lifetime. When you put that into perspective, that’s the majority of our lives. Yet it sucks for most people. In the 21st century, work has almost become a dirty word. Employees are still chained to their desks, trapped in the 20th century. Leaders have become disconnected and isolated, teams disempowered and dysfunctional.

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Our vision is to create a world where work doesn’t suck anymore.

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It starts with us. Living, breathing and preaching what we stand for. Showing the world it’s possible.

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This means…

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6 Bureaucracy Stupid office policies Politics Complacency Committees Siloes Uniforms Holiday limit Medical certificates Blocked websites Job descriptions Org charts Matrix dotted lines NO

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We don’t BCC people in emails. There’s definitely no blocking of any websites. Especially since we like to play ‘No Diggity’ on YouTube to kick off meetings (yes we can f*&$king access YOUTUBE). If you find yourself with a headache, please help yourself to a Panadol. Last time we checked, you were a functioning adult so you don’t have to fill out a first-aid form. There’s no dress code, because let’s face it, they are kind of stupid. How can a company not trust their employees to dress themselves??? In our world, the first to leave the office is celebrated. Good for you for having a life, managing your time and getting shit done! Also, we expense frozen yogurts and smoothies for the team. Sometimes an afternoon sugar kick is just important to the operations of our business as a conference call. You don’t need 10 signatures to do stuff. Most of the time, the only approval you need is your own.

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8 A LOT OF Freedom Trust Empowerment Gratitude Feedback Development Growth Love Happiness Frozen yoghurt Champagne Laughter Lemon Cake Facebook

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We like hand-written cards and appreciative gestures, team hugs and high fives. Sometimes we start meetings with interpretative dance. Tuesday is as good a day as any for a team champagne. And we spoil our team on their birthday. There are no set days of annual holiday leave. We take as much time as we want. We go and explore. See the world. Learn new things. These are the type of people we want to work with. We want to create an environment of curiosity and different perspectives. We work our asses off. We get shit done. We are frequently under pressure but we’re there for each other. We have each others’ back. We don’t even know what silos are. Everyone does everything. Nothing is beneath us.

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Our method of madness is not for everyone.

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WE GET SHIT DONE Small is beautiful. We intentionally have a small team of 10 people. A small group of people that want to change the world are a force to be reckoned with. We like to get shit done. We put our hearts and minds into each and every thing we do. You will never hear “that’s not my job” or “this isn’t in my scope” around here.

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FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS The first thing we ask after a big milestone or even just a normal day is: What lessons can we take away for next time? How can we improve? We are pretty adamant about this stuff. And we know it’s uncomfortable for some people, but we think it’s more important to help each other grow. Not giving feedback is selfish. To win our hearts, give us great, constructive feedback.

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FAIL FAST, FAIL OFTEN, FAIL FORWARD Complacency is the enemy of innovation. We are always entering unknown territories. Pushing past our comfort zones. Doing things we haven’t done before. And that means, we often fail. And that’s perfectly okay, because we learn a lesson every single time. As a result, we are constantly improving and pushing the boundaries of our work.

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And honestly, a lot of the time, it’s (really) difficult.

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This visually represents how we work. It’s messy. The opposite of linear. We wade through a lot of complexity to get to simple and intuitive ideas. Most days we are in the middle. Confused. Fearful. Anxious. These are real emotions felt by anyone trying to do things differently. We push through it, and trust the process. If it was easy, everyone would do it. The road to greatness is rarely ever a smooth one.

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We love our clients You know who you are ;) The ones who dive into the chaos with us and get onboard to change the way the world works. Our clients are awesome. They are unique. The change makers, the corporate rebels, the disruptors. Our clients inspire us. They fight against mediocrity. They choose greatness. They challenge the status quo. They search for next practice. We are lucky to work with people that want to make a dent in the universe.

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We stand for exceptional employee experiences (E3) In the last five years we’ve made work suck a little less for hundreds of thousands of people across Asia, Africa and Europe. And we have a bloody brilliant time doing it. We are Brave, Sharp and Passionate

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The E3 Family EMMA REYNOLDS JARED KING CEO & Co-founder (Hurricane Reynolds) Co-founder (Marathon Meistro) ANKITA ROY MALOU KO User-Experience Design Associate (The Boss) Creative Director (The Real Boss) 18 LIZ KREUGER LAURA WINCH Head of User Experience User-Experience Design Design Manager (The Genius) (The Legend) LOUISA WAI Senior Graphic Designer (Another Legend) JEN KONG Senior Graphic Designer (Another Genius) NICK AVERY Our brother from another mother (he runs Lyric) (The Wise One) JAMES ADDISON The Newest Member (The Other Dude)

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Our AWESOME Clients 19

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Thank you! e3reloaded.com

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