How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

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10 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Failure Self-­‐sabotage  is  any  kind  of   behavior  thought,  or  ac8on  that   holds  us  back.  Here’s  how  to  stop   sabotaging  ourselves. by  Faisal Hoque founder  of:

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Start with self-belief “Changing  SELF-­‐DOUBT  into   SELF-­‐BELIEF  is  a  choice.”

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Regrets are worse than failures “There  is  one  FEELING  that  lasts   much  longer  and  is  more   powerful  than  fear  —  REGRET.”  

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Identify the root cause “Coming  FACE  to  FACE    with  our   FEAR  is  the  best  way  to  get  over  it.”

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Keep your eyes on the goal “The  more  we  can  FOCUS  on   our  end  game,  the  more  we   OBLITERATE  PESSIMISM   from  our  minds.”

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Predict your future by creating it “The  FUTURE  cannot  be   predicated,  but  futures  can  be   invented.  It  was  man's  ABILITY  to   invent  which  has  made  human   society  what  it  is.”

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Trust your inner guide “This  INNER  GUIDE  is  more  POWERFUL   than  any  external  influence  and  has  the   ability  to  dissipate  our  fears.”

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Never say never “Failure  is  part  and  parcel  of   life;  it  is  FAILURE  that  makes  us   STRONGER  and  more   PERSISTENT.”

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Changing our perception “Wrong  percep8ons  are   detrimental  and  poisonous  to   our  GROWTH.”

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Challenge ourselves “MONOTONY  is  one  of  the  reasons   for  many  of  our  failures.”

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Patience and faith are our best friends “Keeping  a  CAN-­‐DO  ATTITUDE   helps  us  never  to  give  up  on   ourselves.  It  allows  us  to   recharge,  reinvest,  and  reinvent   ourselves  by  mel8ng  down  our   fear.”

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“Resiliency  is  an  a[tude;  it's  your   belief  that  you  can  conquer   anything.”   - Survive to Thrive find out more @ http://survivetothrive.pub

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