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CORPORATE RECRUITMENT Revolution #CBEmpower15 Tim Sackett HR Pro, Fistful of Talent Blogger

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Corporate Recruitment Revolution

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Why Not Just Evolution?

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This Is A Big Hot Mess

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Roughly10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 today.* *PewResearchCenter – and every day for the next 15 years!

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College Grads will fall short by 20 Million by 2025!

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No Degree Needed For Our Jobs. Thanks Google…

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HR Technology Investment was not an Operational Priority

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Did you know…?

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This no longer works for hiring.

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And costs $8,000 per user to share with Hundreds of Thousands of other recruiters… Is as effective as Craigslist as a hiring source!

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This never did work for hiring.

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This isn’t going to help either

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These Are The Predominant Recruitment Strategies of 90% of Companies Today!

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This isn’t Your Father’s Oldsmobile

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We Must Change Our Philosophy regarding talent within our Organizations

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Who Owns Recruiting?

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The What

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We Aren’t Prepared For Mobile.

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-86% of active candidates use their smartphone to start a search. -70% of candidates want to apply via mobile. -55% want to upload a ‘resume’ to your career site. Have you applied to your company via mobile? -80% of organizations don’t have a mobile optimized career site and job postings.

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Marketing vs. Sales.

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The Real Difference We keep telling ourselves the Recruiting is ‘marketing’, but it’s not, it’s sales. Talent Acquisition/HR hate sales. Sales is about closing. Marketing is about awareness.

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Just In Time vs. Talent Pipelines

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What Do You Truly Want? How did we get here? Talent Pipelines = Inventory = work (Lean) CRM is your friend! Talent Communities?

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Hunter vs. Gatherer

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Source of Hires? Referral Engines are your friend! Boomerang & Alumni networks The most underutilized source of every company in the world!

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Internal Agency Model

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Change Your Skill Set Sales Pros – not used car sales pros! No phone fear Must like 40+ hrs per week at a desk Plan on 50% of turnover of your current recruiting staff

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Change your Technology Step 1 – Find a Bucket of Money! Step 2- Use The Tech you Have! Step 3 – ATS, Referral, CRM, Posting Automation, Texting, Metrics. Step 4 – Keep Innovating (Best Practices Suck!)

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Change Your Process Agencies only care about one thing, and no, it’s not about getting paid! How many licks to get to the center? (candidate) Why are you really doing what you’re doing?

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Change Your Compensation 2/3 salary, 1/3 bonus (at min.) Agencies are 1/3 – 2/3 How? Forget about current band structure. Your best and worst should have significant pay differences. It’s about the message it sends…

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Change Your Metrics Measure everything that leads to the end result – making hires! Calls, ‘send outs’, interviews, etc. Understand ratio of reqs to recruiter Swim Lanes

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Change Your Mindset Compare yourself to that which you are trying to become – not your competition. Why does TA get pulled into so many meetings? Yeah, but we have ‘ethics’.

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Exercise Time!

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What are going to be your biggest hurdles in moving your department to an internal agency model?

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Partner with 2 departments: Marketing and IT.

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Make Your Data Matter. To You.

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In the end you still have to Pick up the phone.

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Let’s Connect: Sackett.tim@hru-tech.com www.hru-tech.com www.timsackett.com www.fistfuloftalent.com Twitter: @TimSackett LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/timsackett

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