10 Hiring Manager Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

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10 Hiring Manager Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them

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Speakers Dina Rulli Manager, Talent Acquisition at Glassdoor dina.rulli@glassdoor.com Caitlin Wilterdink Lead Recruiter Greenhouse Caitlin.wilterdink@greenhouse.io

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Agenda: - Defining the Problem - Common Behavior - Identify Goal - 10 Hiring Manager Roadblocks - Solutions - Questions

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The most important person in your recruiting process isn’t the recruiter. It isn’t your candidate either. The Problem

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The most important person in your process is your hiring manager. HMs hold the power to prioritize hiring, define the person you will hire, and ultimately make the decision to hire the person you have worked so hard to find. The Problem

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Common Behavior

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Gives me impossible roles to fill Ignores my emails Doesn’t give me feedback Doesn’t know how to interview Doesn’t tell their team what s/he is looking for Expects me to do all of the work Blames recruiting when their team misses project deadlines My Hiring Manager The Problem

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Doesn’t communicate with me Doesn’t provide enough information Doesn’t find me the right people Takes too long to find candidates Expects me to do too many interviews And, I mean really, is recruiting so hard? My Recruiter The Problem

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Misunderstanding, mistrust, and miscommunication aren’t the best ways to build a partnership.

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And you create alignment by building a partnership with your Hiring Managers. You build an effective partnership when you trust, communicate often, and make sure you understand each other.  The Problem

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So, how do we fix this? Here are the 10 common hiring manager roadblocks and how to fix them…

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Problem 1: Hiring Managers don’t prioritize hiring

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“I need to cancel my interviews this week in order to meet a deadline.” “Why can’t you write the job description? Isn’t that part of your job?” “I’ll review those resumes next week.”

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Tough Love: Don’t open the role Tough Love: set SLAs and, if they aren’t met, no more candidates Be a “squeaky wheel” Set a regular communication cadence Provide information: show how important hiring is Always be prepared Solutions

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Problem 2: Hiring Managers don’t know what they are looking for

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“I need a Senior MySQL Engineer who can code MySQL, Java and also knows Javascript.” “I want to hire a VP, Sales but can only afford to pay this person $100k.” “We only hire the best people.”

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Define what “the best people” actually means Official kick-off meetings Describe the knowledge, skills, abilities, not a person Ask “why”? Define the Day 1 Problem Provide market information Reevaluate often Solutions

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Problem 3: Hiring Managers don’t know how to prepare and coach their interview team

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“I don’t know how to evaluate this candidate because I don’t know anything about the role.” “Why do I need to provide feedback? We’re not hiring the guy anyway.” “Wait…I have an interview today?”

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Show your HM that ineffective interviews waste the interviewers’ time. Time = $ Train the interviewers yourself Remind the interviewers often Run post-mortems and feedback round tables Value and acknowledge your interviewers’ opinions Solutions

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Problem 4: Hiring Managers don’t know how to budget time for recruiting

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“We’re going to miss our sprint goals this month if we take this much time to interview” “My engineers are complaining that they need to stay late to finish their feedback forms.”

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Automate the interview process Train the recruiting team to assess the technical stuff Build interview time into project deadlines Budget time for feedback Solutions

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Problem 5: Hiring Managers rely solely on recruiting to find candidates

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“I only want to interview people who are late stage.” “Why do I need to ask my team for referrals? Isn’t that your job?” “If I was supposed to hire people, you wouldn’t be here.”

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Tell your hiring managers what you can’t (or won’t) do Push back on them, recruiting is a reciprocal process Get HM help with prospecting Get HM help with referrals Tough love, when needed Solutions

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Problem 6: Hiring Managers don’t provide timely feedback to recruiting

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“I don’t have time to write feedback.” “I don’t have time to meet about them, just bring in the next one.” “It’s too cumbersome to leave feedback.”

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Make feedback easy to give – so it is not a chore and task that hiring managers dread Set up a weekly debrief meeting Go straight to the top Solutions

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Problem 7: Hiring Managers become unresponsive

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“My actual job is more important than dealing with this. Isn’t this your job?” No reply, no reply, no reply… “I’m super busy and don’t have the time.”

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Be persistent – get an answer from whoever will respond to you Get their attention! Use your Allies – if they won’t respond to you, will they respond to your Manager? Solutions

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Problem 8: Hiring Managers panic if they don’t get a ton of applications in the first few days a job is open

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“What’s wrong with the post? I think I need you to change the description.” “Where are we promoting this job? I need this to be front and center.” “There aren’t enough people applying to my post.”

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Assess advertising channels Assess the competition Assess the title + description Expected timelines for sourcing Explain the best candidates are not waiting for you to post a job – they must be sought after + woo’ed Solutions

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Problem 9: Hiring Managers want a purple squirrel

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“I need the best candidates in the door.” “Why do I need to ask my team for referrals? Isn’t that your job?” “If I was supposed to hire people, you wouldn’t be here.”

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Set up time to source together Review top performers Start interviewing Get to the bottom of why they need this purple squirrel Stack rank skills Solutions

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Problem 10: Hiring Managers don’t see the value in weekly update meetings/calls

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“I can’t have a standing meeting to deal with this.” “I’m too busy.”

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Can the search be delegated? Join Hiring Manager’s weekly team meeting Alternative ways to communicate Solutions

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The #1 most important thing you can do…

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Get your executive team on board.

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Your CEO must communicate the importance of hiring to every hiring manager as frequently as possible. Every management meeting should discuss hiring, 1:1’s should discuss hiring, all hands meetings should discuss hiring, company newsletters should discuss hiring…

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Building alignment means creating trust, communicating often and educating each other.

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Proactively provide information Meetings! Run post-mortems Identify bottle-necks and decide how to solve together

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Be honest if you will miss a deadline Explain your expectations Hold each other accountable

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Participate in the team onboarding process Go to standups Train your interviewers Opensource your recruiting meetings

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