HR's Role In Employee Performance

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Rusty Lindquist VP Strategic HR Insights BambooHR Mykkah Herner Head of Professional Services PayScale

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Why performance matters. Why HR should care about performance. WHY What is performance? What are the drivers? (And which belong to HR?) WHAT How to leverage the drivers. How to know when to push vs. pull. How to not cross the line. How to get started. HOW

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performance matters. WHY

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Higher employee engagement 40% Lower turnover 25% Growth in customer loyalty 18% Boost to productivity 15% Done Right (Mind Gym):

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Increase in performance 91% Increased revenue / employee 84% Decreased cost of hire 84% Done Right (Talent Management LLC):

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performance matters. Employees + Strong Performance = In short: Company Success

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“All the assets of an organization, other than people, are inert. They are passive resources that require human application to generate value. The key to sustaining a profitable company or a healthy economy is the productivity of the workforce.” —The Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance

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WHY HR should care …and not just managers

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U.S. workers are dissatisfied with how their performance is reviewed. 4/5 Say that annual performance reviews are not an accurate appraisal of an employees work. 46% Psychological studies have found that at least 30% of the way performance is currently reviewed actually results in decreasing employee performance. 30% Doing it wrong

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WHAT is performance?

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What is performance? HR’s definition:

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What is performance? Performance indicators:

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What is performance? What performance isn’t (being busy vs. making progress)

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What are the drivers? INTRINSIC VS EXTRINSIC

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Compensation Base Pay Incentive Plans Commissions LTI Spot Bonus Other Bonus Non-Cash Incentives Tools Benefits Rewards What are the drivers? Culture Purpose/Mission/Vision Recognition Autonomy Fulfillment Engagement Personal/Professional Development Work-Life Balance Meaningful Work Opportunity to Impact Leadership Intrinsic Extrinsic

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When should I use INTRINSIC versus EXTRINSIC

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belong to HR? Culture Purpose/Mission/Vision Recognition Fulfillment Engagement Personal/Professional Development Work-Life Balance Compensation Benefits Rewards WHAT drivers

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How to know when to PUSH versus PULL

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cross the line How to NOT

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HOW to get started “What gets measured gets managed.” —Peter Drucker

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