Don’t annoy the recruiter

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Don’t annoy the recruiter

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Recruiters are a powerful ally to have in the employment game. But if you annoy them, they will not let you pass go.

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Keep them on side by avoiding these mistakes

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No Contact Failing to list your contact details or listing them incorrectly. Your contact details must be easy to spot quickly. And they ill be pointless if they are wrong – so check them!

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2. You’re forceful It’s a good idea to follow up any interview with a note, email, or call to say thank you. But don’t get too clingy. It’s not okay to call a recruiter every day to ask them for an update on your application's progress. If you annoy them it might be detrimental to your place on the candidate shortlist.

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3. You’ve got an attitude problem You need to treat a recruiter the same way you would a potential new boss because if you’ve got the wrong attitude you won’t get a second chance. You want the recruiter on your team so you can advance to the next stage

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