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If you bought $1,000 worth of Netflix shares when they went public in 2004, they would be worth $82,819 today

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That’s an 8,281% return on your money in 11 years, or a 752% return each year

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Netflix is a critical mix of three important elements every company needs to succeed

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Innovation and timing are critical, but today we will focus on the brilliant company culture Netflix founder Reed Hastings created

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Photo courtesy of re:publica, Flickr Reed Hastings, Netflix Founder & CEO

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Here are our top 10 take aways from Netflix’s culture deck

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Flexibility is more important than efficiency over the long term 1

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Titles aren’t prestigious and are not a way to measure the impact you have on the company 2

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People are paid relative to their market value, not to keep up with their co-workers 3

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It’s up to you, the individual, to manage your career path - not the management team 4

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The best managers spend most of their time focused on context not control 5

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Everyone should behave and make decisions like they are the owner of the company 6

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Focus on the result, not the process - as long as the result is great, who cares about the process? 7

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Have a bias towards action and don’t get stuck in “analysis paralysis” - just do it 8

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Respect everyone in the company, regardless of their status or title 9

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Look to your employees to create and suggest ideas that will drive the company forward 10

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Learn how to build an incredible company culture - follow us: Twitter Blog Slideshare