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Social Recruiting Unplugged Connecting, Captivating & Capturing Passive Candidates Andre J. Boulais @AndreJBoulais Jobvite, Strategic Accounts Director-Engage Megan Anderson @MeganA02 Schneider Electric, University Relations & Recruiting Manager for North America

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Data on the Talent Pool of Social Job Seekers

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Session Agenda Recruiting is Marketing How you can fully utilize Jobvite to draw in passive candidates via social media Publisher Sending Jobvites LinkedIn Amplifier 360 Social: Your Hidden Weapon for Talent

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Candidates are Always Looking

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Recruiting is Marketing How to Draw Passive Candidates with Social Media

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How Do You Attract Top Talent? What We Hope For Reality For Many of Us

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How to draw candidates in via Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Jobvite Publisher

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Why Jobvite Publisher? Quickest ROI for your team (and employees) Takes 90 seconds to set up Instant results via top social media channels Only recruiting method built to amplify jobs Ability to reach global audience Runs continuously

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Publisher 101

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Publisher Best Practices Content is key!

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Publisher Best Practices Share multiple categories (not just your business unit) Adjust your roles based on key recruiting initiatives (Sales Hiring, Internships in the Summer)

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Make Sure Jobs are Shared Where the Candidates Are

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Have Creative Content Customize your messaging around events and trends (remember, you’re trying to entice them) Be creative to your company and industry

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Tie your tweets to current events Schneider Electric Team using Publisher Increase in Social Media usage at 2015 Final Four from 2014 Final Four 547%

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Thinking Outside of the Box on #boxingday 22 new followers… …in less than 24 hours

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Sign-Up for Daily Updates on Trends http://hashtagify.me/popular

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Create Lists to Share Content from Leaders Monitor and retweet fun and exciting tweets

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Quantifiable Results After Increasing Publisher Usage Increased Usage

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Jobvite Publisher Recap Publish at least 5 jobs a day Add creative hashtags for Twitter Look at current trends and/or sign up for updates Create internal and external lists to track your company’s leaders as well as competitors Favorite and retweet to encourage usage

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Creativity = Impressions + Followers

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Capture the Audience and the Moment with Strategic Jobvites

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Go Into Jobvite and Send Jobvite

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Group Multiple Jobs

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Pick Your Moment and Share 4.4 Million Tweets

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Quick LinkedIn Amplifier Share the Job With Groups

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Go from 100’s to 100’s of Thousands 20,615 Members 341, 974 Members

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Your Hidden Weapon for Talent 360Social

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360social Download in Chrome

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Usable on over 200 social media outlets Grey silhouette will appear on all social media pages linking to other pages

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Serves as Cornerstone for Social Recruiting

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Engage Serves as the go-to Social Recruiting CRM

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Today’s Recap

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Don’t Just Make Noise Share at the right times. Networks have different peak posting times.

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Social Media is a 2-Way Street Social Media is a not only a great way to advertise your current jobs and your brand but it’s also imperative to LISTEN Personalize your posts using Jobvite Publisher and when sending Jobvites Remember to share jobs with LinkedIn Groups to maximize exposure Pay attention to who’s liking your LinkedIn posts or favoriting Tweets Utilize 360Social for a complete view of your candidate before engaging

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More candidates are drawn to a company’s culture than their job description. Nearly 80% of Millennials look for people and culture fit before looking at career potential.

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THANK YOU! Contact Info: Name Here Andre.Boulais@Jobvite-inc.com @AndreJBoulais Megan.Anderson@schneider-electric.com @MeganA02HereMeganA02