Unleash and Empower Your Engineers

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Unleash and Empower Your Engineers Jeff Harrell @juxtajeff

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– Me “Talk less about code and more about craft”

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Break down the monoliths Glass houses where you’re encouraged to throw stones

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paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr Checkout Send Money Invoicing Mobile Servicing History Sign Up Wallet … Monolith = Days of testing and 6 week pushes ZERO freedom to engineer

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Checkout Sign Up Login Help Pay Mini-monolith = Less regression and 2 week pushes Some freedom

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App Framework kraken grunt lusca enrouten confit dust less requirejs meddleware Modularized: Individual tests and swappable Freedom to choose

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November 22, 2013

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Two years later The culture has taken off PayPal now has 200+ public repos App/test frameworks, servers, and tools From JavaScript and Python to Java and Go Doesn't this look like the beginning of Star Wars

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Inner sourcing github, npm, bower, viewable code, PRs, oh my!

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1,000 modules in internal npm

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Serving 2mm requests a day

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Play to your strengths Let teams evaluate and choose their tools They're the ones using them after all

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“Controlled chaos” Don't prematurely optimize Allow time to organically find the right solve

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67 node apps in production

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Sign up Originally in Dust 180+ countries Compliance changes JSON driven POC in Angular Rebuilt in React

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– Mark Stuart “We were coding ourselves into a corner with our old tech. We evaluated React, Ember, Angular and rolling our own framework. After a few iterations the team agreed React was the clear winner. Now there's so much energy behind it!”

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Checkout Originally in Dust Lots of $$ through this Parallel teams working Split into micro apps Rebuilt in Angular

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People can be the hardest part

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– You Know Who You Are “Choices complicate things. I want a single solution!”

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People can also be the easiest part

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– Sachin Hegde “It’s awesome to have the freedom to experiment with technologies – we were able to rapidly build prototypes with two different frameworks and managed to foresee potential bottlenecks and problems right from the start.”

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Questions? @juxtajeff