You Don’t Have a Talent Problem. It’s Your Culture.

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You Don’t Have a Talent Problem. It’s Your Culture. @roundpegg

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Natalie Baumgartner, Ph.D. Board member, American Psychological Association 10+ years advising companies of all sizes on company culture and talent @ask_dr_nat @roundpegg

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What if you could quantify culture so that you could measure and improve it? @roundpegg

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1. @roundpegg Understand what culture really is.

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@roundpegg how you do things Culture is in your company.

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Don’t ask employees what your culture is. @roundpegg

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? culture @roundpegg Perks

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@roundpegg By the time they enter the workforce, people are who they are.

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@roundpegg Actual Culture: How your people are wired.

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Aspirational Culture: What you write on your website and your walls. @roundpegg

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2. @roundpegg There’s no single “right” culture. So let's find yours!

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Identify your employees’ core values. @roundpegg

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Identify your employees’ core values. @roundpegg (Core values are very personal.)

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3. @roundpegg Align your culture with everything you do.

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@roundpegg Use your own tools to hire people who fit the culture.

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@roundpegg Use culture to develop your people.

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@roundpegg Your culture drives engagement.

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@roundpegg Actively managing your culture lets people be their best.

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@roundpegg Quantify your company culture by distilling the core values of your employees. If there’s a gap between what your culture is today and where you want it to be, understand the gap. Align everything you do around the culture you want to have: hiring, development and engagement.

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@roundpegg Free tools for you! (Just tweet or email us.) roundpegg.com/roi

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Let’s talk! Natalie Baumgartner, Ph. D @ask_dr_nat natalie.baumgartner@roundpegg.com @roundpegg