3 things your parents used to do that could help you get a job

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3 things your parents used to do that could help you get a job

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The way you look for jobs has changed a lot since your parents first did it, but there are things to learn from their jobseeking habits that could help you find your next role.

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Then: Your parents didn’t have Google or LinkedIn to find out information about the company they wanted to apply for. To get information they had to pick up the telephone and ask questions. Now: Take note from your parents; make a call and speak directly with the advertiser to find out more about the company and the role you’re applying for. By going offline, you could really stand out amongst the other applicants.

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Then: Your parents had to type, print and post their cover letters and resume. Now: These days you can easily apply for multiple jobs at the touch of the ‘send’ button. But before you dismiss the idea of using paper, consider writing a thank you letter after an interview to impress a potential employer.

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Then: Your parents had to state their family status when applying for a job; married, children or single. Now: Thankfully it’s no longer acceptable to base an employment decision on a person’s family status. Is there other information you could leave off your resume; political affiliations, health issues? Unless it would affect your ability to do the job, the recruiter doesn’t need to know everything.

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