How LinkedIn Recruits with Data | Brendan Browne's SoureCon Presentation on Data Driven Recruiting

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Data Driven Recruiting

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Recruiting Has Changed #SourceCon

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The recruiting organization that figures out how to extract the value of the web’s people data and build a recruiting team model that operationalizes at scale will define the future of talent acquisition The Opportunity #SourceCon

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Making a plan

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2010 #SourceCon

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Enough vision, we need engineers

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Making a plan (again)

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Use data to build credibility

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Keywords: "Data Center" OR "Datacenter" Location Within 50 Miles Industry: Internet Seniority: Manager Interested In: Potential Employees Company Size: 501-1,000 OR 1,001-5,000 OR 5,001-10,000, OR 10,000+ Years of Experience: 6 to 10 years OR More than 10 years Years in Position: 3-5 years OR 6-10 years Company Type: Public Company Language: English Recommendations: 3-4 OR 5-10 OR 11-20 OR >20 Using Data To Set Expectations #SourceCon

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Initial search: 7 Remove recommendation: 19 Remove years in position: 71 Remove company type: 82 Remove company size: 126 Expectations Are High & Results Fall Short #SourceCon

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Shared Accountability & Change In Perception #SourceCon

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We Made Progress But It’s Not A Platform, Or Scalable #SourceCon

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Up Your Data Game #SourceCon

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The Where: 475K+ Software Engineers in US #SourceCon

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(based on LinkedIn recruiter contact Feb-Aug 2012) The Where: Big Markets vs. Hidden Gems #SourceCon

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Supply Demand . The Where & Some Why: NYC Has 33% More Supply & Less Demand Than Seattle #SourceCon

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(word size represents skill frequency) The Where & Why: Skill Mix By City #SourceCon

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Manager and Above 9.6% Manager and Above 6.9% The Where & Why: NYC Has More Senior & Management-Level Talent #SourceCon

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New York Seattle The Why: ABC Co Is More Connected In Seattle With 618 Employees Connected To 2,255 Engineers #SourceCon

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21% more likely to be knowledgeable of employers 12% more likely to have a positive impression of employers 10% more likely to consider a job with employers “Connectedness” Matters #SourceCon

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The Why: Talent Flows – Winning Or Losing? #SourceCon

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Up Your Data Game #SourceCon

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The Where + Hidden Gems Connectedness Matters Skills & Seniority Win/Loss Rate #SourceCon

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We Made More Progress But It’s Still Not A Platform #SourceCon

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Identifying candidates is not the challenge

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Operationalizing is the challenge

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In sales and marketing $ Dollars to spend Affinity Which prospects are most likely engage? Low High High Pilot: 2,000 systems infrastructure engineers 2,000 Systems Infrastructure Engineers #SourceCon

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Never Cold Contact Anyone! #SourceCon

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Ever, Or You Fail The IQ Test! #SourceCon

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1:Many = World-Class Consumer Marketing #SourceCon

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So What Were The Results? #SourceCon

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Most Successful Systems Infra & Data Recruiter Most Successful Quarter in Eng Recruiting 3X increase in candidate response rate Highest conversion rate of applicant to onsite Highest conversion rate of applicant to offer 8:1vs13:1 TAM 1:Many served LI content more likely to make it to onsite vs. other applicants Key Lever For Driving Efficiency & Reducing Hours Eng SI Pilot Results #SourceCon

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W.I.I.F.M? #SourceCon

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Reactive Recruiting Model Keyword Searching Jockey Prioritize the Top of List Cold Outreach See Activity Market Intel Dispersed #SourceCon

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Planful and Prioritized Co-signors Search Once and Manage Prioritize High Fit & Affinity Tailored Outreach See Activity Market Intel Mastered #SourceCon

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What This Means For Us? #SourceCon

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Shift in Mindset Must Happen Lead with data Operationalize and iterate Don’t do it alone

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Realize and internalize the world of talent has changed Test drive addressable market & segmentation on one of your critical talent pools Assess whether you and your team are ready to transform 1 2 3 Three To Dos #SourceCon

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lucky day! This is

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Today is opportunity!

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What To Learn More? #SourceCon https://lnkd.in/ddr15