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Title The transformation of HR Tom Haak HR Trend Institute at HRcoreLAB3

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Sitting is the new smoking

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Sitting is the new smoking Visser, Rietveld & Rietveld

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What will I discuss with you? The world is changing (8 trends) This creates opportunities for HR A transformation of HR is required

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About me

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8 trends 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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9 Smart buildings

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The wasibi waiter

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CoolBlue on Google streetview

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Zappos HQ in downtown Las Vegas

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16 Casual Collision

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Is HR using the trends? 20

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The score of a typical HR team

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Example succession management

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Example performance management

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HR with impact (1) Speaks the language of the business Works multidisciplinary Is more leader than follower Has clear principles Is flexible Has a sense of humor

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HR with impact (2) Likes to experiment Can implement Dares to innovate Has a strong network Can calculate (HR analytics) Comes with practical solutions

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HR with impact

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Guerilla HR Does not discuss everything at the top of the organisation Looks for change at the edges, not the core Experiments Works with a small team Surpirses Uses foreign support Involves high potentials Practices the art of camouflage

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