Creating a Digital Engagement Strategy For Leaders

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Creating a Digital Engagement Strategy For Leaders 3.1415 Charlene Li, Founder & CEO, Altimeter Group @charleneli #sxsw #engagedleader

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The Art of Followership

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It’s About Relationships

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What kind of relationship do you want? #EngagedLeader

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Strategy is What You Do – And Don’t Do

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The Engaged Leader: A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation An engaged leader is someone who uses digital, mobile, and social tools strategically to achieve established goals as they relate to leading people and managing organizations. Book available in the SXSW bookstore Preorder at charleneli.com

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The Engaged Leader Framework #EngagedLeader

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Listen to Break Down Power Distance #EngagedLeader

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Red Robin Enables Enterprise Listening of Customers via Employees #EngagedLeader

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UPS’s Rosemary Turner Connects by Sharing with Employees via Twitter #EngagedLeader

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Bill Marriott Can’t Type – But It Doesn’t Stop Him From Sharing #EngagedLeader

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Telstra CEO David Thodey Engages Frequently #EngagedLeader

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Define the Relationship With Engagement #EngagedLeader

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Purpose Drives Personal Engagement “I jump into customer issues because it’s dear to my heart.” David Thodey, CEO of Telstra #EngagedLeader

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Thodey Mastered the Language of Engagement Internally First Have a clear point of view Express empathy Understand limits #EngagedLeader

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Top Excuses I don’t have the time. It’s marketing’s job. It doesn’t replace face to face. Who cares what I had for lunch? I don’t want to get my company in trouble. It’s not about me.

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Fear of Failure

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Development Stages of Engaged Leaders Denial Anger, Dismissal, Repudiation Bargaining Excuses, Escape, Desperation Acceptance Agreement, Realization, Awakening Transformation Belief, Embracement, Evangelism

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Trust Truth Openness Authentic

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Managing Up Focus on Goals

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Middle Managers Focus on Being Facilitators

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Digital Engagement Requires Judgment – and the Confidence to Use It What you should do What you shouldn’t do Judgment is needed in between

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Rigid Organizations Dynamic Organizations Digital Requires New Ways of Working #EngagedLeader

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Biggest Challenges of Digital/Social #EngagedLeader

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1. Create a Culture of Sharing #EngagedLeader

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What stories could you share that would inspire action?

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2. Build Trust with Engagement Source: Edelman Trust Barometer, 2015 #EngagedLeader

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3. Use Digital to Make Meaningful Decisions

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The Impact of Follow-through

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4. Ask the Right Questions About Value 40 “We tend to overvalue the things we can measure, and undervalue the things we cannot.” - John Hayes, CMO of American Express

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It’s About Relationships

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Charlene Li charlene@altimetergroup.com charleneli.com/blog Twitter: charleneli For slide, send an email to slides@altimetergroup.com