6 Steps to Bettering your Staff’s Phone Skills Without a Phone Script

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6 Steps to Bettering your Staff’s Phone Skills Without a Phone Script

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Did you know that calls are 3x more likely to convert than any other type of lead?

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With calls being so valuable, it’s no secret that phone training is crucial to the success of your business.

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However, following a predetermined phone script and having great phone skills are very different.

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If your staff is following a memorized phone script, they are likely to lose personality and feel unnatural on the phone.

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Your staff may also make mistakes that can cost you customers if the script doesn’t match up with a caller’s needs.

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Using a call outline is the best way for your staff to accommodate customers.

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Focus on these 3 steps to create a call outline that will ensure success on the phone.

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1. Introduce yourself and your business.

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The two most important things your staff must state during an introduction are the employee’s name and your business name.

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The introduction of each phone call should be reflective of your business and culture.

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Include a slogan that will have a lasting impression on your customers.

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2. Gather background information.

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This portion of the call is where your staff will ask questions tailored to the customer and how he or she will utilize your business.

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The questions asked should be ones that help your team assist customers later during the call.

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A question like, “What version of our product are you using?” is great to include here.

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3. Get to know the caller.

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The benefit of call outlines is that they allow the flexibility needed to create relationships with customers.

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After gathering basic information, have your staff build rapport.

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Relationships lead to loyal customers, and loyal customers are some of your best marketers.

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Take time to build a connection and grow your business’s network. Customers will remember you and gladly refer you.

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Want to learn the last 3 steps to creating the perfect call outline?

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Download 6 Steps to Bettering your Staff’s Phone Skills Without a Script. 6 STEPS TO BETTERING YOUR STAFF’S PHONE SKILLS WITHOUT A PHONE SCRIPT