CIO Leadership Forum Enabling Opportunity to Transform Company Culture

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CIO Leadership Forum Enabling Opportunity to Transform Company Culture Bhupesh Arora February 10, 2015

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3 Avery Dennison: A Global leader in Labeling and Packaging Materials and Solutions Founded in 1935 $6.3 billion sales from continuing operations in 2014 2014 Fortune 500® ranking: 398 (NYSE: AVY) Industry-leading businesses with operations in 50+ countries Based in Glendale, California 25,000 employees worldwide

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4 Avery Dennison: Who are we and what we do Our products and solutions enhance brands, improve consumer product performance, and deliver information. They include: Materials for brand labeling and packaging of consumer and functional products Apparel and footwear labeling design, high-definition graphic embellishments Graphic imaging media RFID technologies Wearable sensors

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“There is at least one point in the history of any company when you have to change dramatically to rise to the next level of performance. Miss that moment—and you start to decline.” -Andy Grove, former Intel CEO 5

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Avery Dennison Opportunity Moment In 2012 Company was restructuring and IT satisfaction was low … the time was right. 6

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The Opportunity Ahead Transform culture to a collaborative and connected enterprise … and cut costs! With a “glass-half-full” mindset, IT set out to: 7

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The Challenges Workforce Demographics Global Cultures Technology 8

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We asked our global employees 9 And here’s what they said...

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We want: Global Accessibility 10

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We want: Better user experience 11 Tools that work well and are enjoyable to use!

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We want: Video Global teams want to see each other! 12

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IT leads to meaningful change by enabling opportunities.

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MOBILITY Enable Opportunity 14

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Enable Collaboration Google understands consumerization, ad hoc collaboration and teams. People who go with Google have a lower fear of change. - Tom Austin, Gartner analyst 15

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By 2017, 25% of enterprises will have an enterprise app store. - Gartner Enable Mobility: MobileFirst 16

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Enable Innovation Focused on CloudFirst for speed and agility! Cloud App Development Marketplace Solutions 17

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Enable Communication Connect executive leaders to employees Deliver training and global messaging in engaging ways Connect employees to each other 18 Shift to Video Culture

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Where are we now? 3 million 30+ 5,000 30,000 $5 million 19 Google Drive files Cloud and Mobile Apps Mobile devices Video views Savings

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Key Takeaways Create your vision for the future Get buy-in from business leaders Build the right teams for success Avoid incremental improvements Don’t enable tools, enable opportunities 20

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Technologies that enable Avery Dennison 21