50 HR and Recruiting Stats Talent Acquisition Pros Need to Know

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50 HR and Recruiting Stats Talent Acquisition Pros Need to Know

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Featured Speakers Susan Underwood Manager of Talent Acquisition at Glassdoor www.linkedin.com/in/underwoodsusan/en @susanmunderwood Marcus Dubois Technical Recruiter at Glassdoor www.linkedin.com/in/marcusdubois @marcus_dubois

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Agenda Recruiting Social Recruiting Mobile Recruiting Recruiting Millennials Diversity Recruiting Employer Branding Employee Engagement Workplace Transparency

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Recruiting Top 5 considerations job seekers take into account before accepting a job offer:

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Recruiting 78% of software engineers say the top reason they would leave their job is salary and compensation 48% 66% of female software engineers are likely to apply to a company a friend recommended of healthcare professionals are likely to accept less money to work at a company with a great culture

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78% 94% of sales professionals said they would accept less money to work at a company selling something compelling of sales professionals say that base salary is the most important element of the compensation plan, while 62% say that commission is Recruiting Sales

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Social Recruiting

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Social Recruiting 2 of the top channels most used for employer brand promotion:

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Social Recruiting Nearly 2 in 3 say their employer does not (or know how to) use social media to promote job openings

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Mobile Recruiting

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Mobile Traffic Is Growing for Glassdoor of Glassdoor’s traffic comes through mobile

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Mobile Recruiting

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Mobile Recruiting of candidates believe a mobile device is an important tool for job searching

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Recruiting Millennials

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Recruiting Millennials

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Recruiting Millennials 41% of Baby Boomers said workers should stay with an employer at least five years before looking for a new job Only 13% of Millennials agreed

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Recruiting Millennials Around 70% hear about companies through friends and job boards

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Recruiting Millennials 80% of Millennials look for people and culture fit with employers Culture Fit?

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Recruiting Millennials Career Growth Benefits

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Recruiting Diversity

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Recruiting Diversity The top 3 answers when asked who at their company was in the best position to increase diversity:

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Employer Branding

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Employer Branding

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Employer Branding

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Employer Branding Top 5 pieces of information job seekers want employers to provide as they search where to work:

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Employee Engagement

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Employee Engagement Survey Engage Acknowledge

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Employee Engagement 69% of Glassdoor members agree their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review

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Employee Engagement Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year

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Workplace Transparency

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Workplace Transparency 96% of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency

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Workplace Transparency Most job seekers read 4-7 reviews before forming an opinion of a company

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To see the source for every stat, visit employers.glassdoor.com/statistical-citations/ to learn more. Utilize these stats as you build the case for your recruitment marketing initiatives.

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