Лучший из всех возможных миров!

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Лучший из всех возможных миров! Работу выполнили : Анохин Виктор, Борисова Екатерина, Дремов Олег, 10 к

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Цели проекта: Сравнить географическое положение англоговорящих стран и России Назвать интересные места ,которые мы хотели бы посетить и почему Обозначить типичные черты характера британцев(американцев, австралийцев) и русских Выбрать место, где бы мы хотели жить

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The UK and Russia The UK is an island state. It is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland London with its numerous sights , Oxford and Cambridge, Lake District, Stratford-on-Avon, Edinburgh are worth visiting. The population of the UK is about 57 ml people. Russia is a huge country situated both in Europe and Asia. Moscow with Red Square and the Kremlin, St.Petersburg,Vladimir, Suzdal, Kazan, Saratov are great and interesting. The population of Russia is about 148 ml people.

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Personality traits: The British: politeness love of compromise good manners a good sense of humour moderation conservatism Russians: hospitality kindness generosity patience sense of community scepticism

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Positive factors: The UK well-developed economy excellent roads good medical care stability Russia beautiful nature friendly people rich history and cultute good quality of education

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Negative factors: The UK small territory individualism fast food poor knowledge about other countries support the USA Russia non-stability polluted envirenment crime alcoholism bad roads

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Where Would We Like to Live? Russia is our Motherland.We would like to live there and visit other countries.We can’t live without our Russian friends, Russian nature, Russian frost, Russian national celebrations, Russian cookery… So we are sure that there is no place like home and east or west, home is best.