Inspiring Quotes by Female Designers

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Inspiring Quotes by Female Designers From the House of Femme

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Accidents often produce the best solutions… only you can recognize the difference between an accident and your original intent. Jennifer Morla

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Great designs are made by excellent use of white space, and plenty of it. Ellen Lupton

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Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it – Brenda Laurel

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To say that something is designed means it has intentions that go beyond its function. Otherwise it’s just planning. Ayse Birsel

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Practice safe design: Use a concept.

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Being a famous designer is like being a famous dentist. Noreen Morioka

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“Being a magazine designer is a little bit like being an orchestra conductor.” Ruth Ansel

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I can hardly wait until I can start designing fonts again and return to my “black-and-white” world . Sandra Winter

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“Fun” is a tricky word. People think that if you’re having “fun”, you’re ignoring content, or you’re ignoring the importance of the piece. But that’s not true. Carin Goldberg designer?

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It took me a few seconds to draw it, but it took me 34 years to learn how to draw it in a few seconds. Paula Scher

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Don’t design for everyone, it’s impossible. All you end up doing is making everyone else unhappy- Leisa Reichelt

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“I find modernist design boring, but it so much faster!” — Christine Suewon Lee

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The challenge is for the graphic designer to turn data into information and information into messages of meaning. Katherine Mccoy

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Everybody is a user experience designer – Whitney Hess

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