5 Steps to Managing the Candidate Experience

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5 Steps to Managing the Candidate Experience

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Webinar Tips for Attendees You can connect to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers. Or, you may select “Use Telephone” after joining the Webinar. All lines will be muted to avoid background noise. You can ask questions at any time by typing them into the Questions Pane.

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Featured Speakers Susan Underwood Manager, Talent Acquisition at Glassdoor Jason Webster Head of Employer Branding at ONGIG

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Discover Research Decision Communication Resolution

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Step 1: Discovery

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First Impression for a Candidate Tends to be Text-Based From a Friend Board

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From a Job

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Pro Tip Be Aware of What Candidates See as a First Impression

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Step 2: Research

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Understand Where Your Candidates Are Most Likely to Land When Doing Research

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Pro Tip Run Searches for Careers, Specific Jobs and Locations

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Step 3: Decision

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The Application Process Can Be a Roadblock for Top Candidates

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Pro Tip Complete Your Online Application Process—See How Long It Takes

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Step 4: Communication

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Manage Your Recruiting Content

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Candidates Like to be Informed During the Hiring Process Rank highest response rates by communication method. Capture info. ACTION: Phone Email Video Chat Text Message Still Works Standard Qualifying Interviews Highest Read Rate

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Pro Tip Submit an Application to See How Long It Takes to Get a Response

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Step 5: Resolution

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Fast Feedback in the Hiring Process Is Crucial to a Candidate Experience Red: The candidate is not a cultural fit, and is likely to never be hired at your company. Send rejection promptly. Yellow: The candidate is not a skills fit today, but aligns with your culture. Send rejection with invitation to talent network. Green: The candidate is a skills and cultural fit. Engage immediately. ?

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Pro Tip Determine Response Time and Quickly Place Candidates in a Proper Bucket

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Tips and Tricks to Drive Candidate Experience

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Tips and Tricks Pick a consistent theme to be used across channels Make sure all social channels have consistent addresses Be visual. Be consistent. Be responsive. Utilize all of your channels to drive candidates to you Follow social channels of companies you admire for ideas

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