Why Culture Matters

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Building a Company People Love: Why Culture Matters Katie Burke

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Yet somehow most corporate rule books look something like this:

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What Culture Isn’t: Wall Posters Corporate Governance Perks and Rewards

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Culture Is… A bar for what’s possible at your company A powerful weapon in the war for talent A proactive catalyst to help employees make better decisions A promise to your customers Collective clarity on what it means to be a part of your organization

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Culture Outpaces Every Other Variable for What Millennials Prioritize in Choosing an Employer

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And yet for most companies…

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It’s Time For a Wake-Up Call.

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“culture: recruiting product: marketing.” @Dharmesh

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Over 1.5 million views on CultureCode.com

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Your products will change. Your strategy will shift. Your culture will determine whether you can hire top talent, how you respond to market challenges, and how you succeed for the long haul. Invest accordingly.

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