Tips for Facilitating Discussions

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Tips for Facilitating Discussions

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Tips Paraphrase. Paraphrase. “So, what you’re saying is that we need to…”

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Tips Check for meaning “Are you saying that….”

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Tips Give positive feedback. Compliment “That’s a good point.” “I never thought of that before.” “Thanks for bringing that to our attention.”

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Tips Expand and elaborate “Your comments provide an interesting point. Let’s take this idea a bit further.”

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Tips Increase the pace. Energize “Here’s a challenge for you. For the next two minutes, see how many ways you can think of to…”

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Tips Devil’s advocate. Disagree “I can see where you are coming from, but I’m not sure that what you are describing is always the case.” “Has anyone else had an experience that is different from Jamal’s?”

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Tips Relieve Tension. Mediate “I think that Lynda and Ron are not really disagreeing with each other, but are just bringing out two different sides of this issue.”

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Tips Consolidate. Pull together “As you can see from Mohammed’s and Kathy’s comments…” “Who else can add to what Joyce, Fran and Tim have already commented on?”

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Tips Change the process “Let’s break into small groups and see if you can come up with….”

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Tips Summarize. Summarize. “I have listed four major points that have come from our discussion.”