How You Can Create a WOW Service Culture!

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1 How You Can Create a WOW Service Culture!

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Who is Joel Daly All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away

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The 5th Thing I’m Most Proud Of

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The sum of all experiences a consumer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customer_experience cus·tom·er ex·pe·ri·ence

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The New Experience Economy

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Choice and Voice Commoditized Products Democratized Information Empowered Consumers

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What HOSTING wanted to do… Culture Customer Sat. Customer Focus The Right Customers The Best Team In the Industry World-Class Customer Experience Attract the Best Team Members Encourage Personal Development Transform to Solution Approach Build Awareness & Demand Arm the Sales Force Focus on the Full Customer Experience Create Wows in Each Touch Point

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What do Most Companies Do? 8

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9 Rewards!

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10 Cool! How Do I get Rewarded???

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11 NPS!

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12 OK… How do I Increase My NPS?

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13 Deliver Better Service!

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14 Right… But How Do I Do That???

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15 Let’s Look at How Other Companies Do It.

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16 Let’s Just Copy Them!

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There’s a Better Way 17

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18 Start With a Vision…

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19 …And a Set of Core Values

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20 Then Follow these 5 Steps

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21 Step 1: Teach It

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22 Step 2: Define It

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23 Step 3: Live It

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24 Step 4: Measure it

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25 Step 5: Reward It

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26 First, we did it wrong

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2 shots of Vision and Values NetFlix – Exercise Zappos Culture Boot Camp Equal parts Tactical and Strategic Process - Zingerman’s Zingtrain and Journey Mapping Shake rigorously with investments in people - Bell Leadership Serve Outside - In 27 Hosting’s kool-aid

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28 HOSTING’s Wow Training

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Vision To Provide the Best Customer Experience For Mid-Size Enterprises Running Business Critical Applications In the Cloud Supported By The Industry’s Best Team.

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32 Three Steps to Great Service Figure out what the customer wants Give it to them Politely Enthusiastically Accurately Urgently Go the extra mile

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Fundamentals of a new approach

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Key Take Away Points Quality is commoditized, Info Democratized, Customers are empowered - CX is the difference Vision is where you are going, Values are how you get there Teach It, Define It, Live It, Measure It, Reward It Find the right problems to solve You can’t drive results, Behaviors drive results The seeds of a Service Culture will yield Intrapreneurs Be experience driven – customers remember the experience

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Questions - Contact info View the on-demand webinar here. Joel Daly– HOSTING COO jdaly@hosting.com