Hosting's Journey culture first

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Hosting's Journey culture first

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This webinar is being recorded and an on-demand version will be available at the same URL at the conclusion of the webinar Please submit questions via the button on the upper left of the viewer If we don’t get to your question during the webinar, we will follow up with you via email Download related resources via the “Attachments” button above the viewing panel On Twitter? Join the conversation: #CultureFirst, #HOSTINGspeaks @HOSTINGdotcom 2 Housekeeping

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Who is Joel Daly All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away 4 Kids 1 Saint

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The 6th Thing I’m Most Proud Of CEO Ebags COO Diamond Tech

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The sum of all experiences a consumer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customer_experience cus·tom·er ex·pe·ri·ence

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The New Experience Economy

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Choice and Voice Commoditized Products Democratized Information Empowered Consumers

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The sum of all experiences an Employee has with a Company, over the duration of their relationship with that Company. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customer_experience em·ploy·ee ex·pe·ri·ence

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Dual experiences 9 Customer Employee

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What do Most Companies Do? 10

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11 Rewards!

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12 Let’s Look at How Other Companies Do It.

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13 Let’s Just Copy Them!

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There’s a Better Way 14

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15 Start With a Vision…

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Vision To Provide the Best Customer Experience For Mid-Size Enterprises Running Mission Critical Applications In the Cloud Supported By The Industry’s Best Team.

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17 …And a Set of Core Values

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Status of Value Refresh Process Culture is Based Values are Determined By: 100% On Values Co-Workers Leadership Our Process Focused On: What Particular Behaviors and Skills Do we Value in our Colleagues How We Defined our Values

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4 Cross Functional Teams Goal was to Answer the Following: What Particular Behaviors and Skills Do We Value in Our Colleagues? Results Presented to Culture Committee 5 Themes Emerged / Multiple Statements Developed Company Survey Sent for Feedback 19 6 Month Journey

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21 How Do You Tweet Our Values

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22 Our Value Prop is Simple We Secure Trust with our Customers

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23 How Do we Do IT? First – By Being The People Behind the Cloud Our Culture is to Serve and Guide

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24 Everything is Connected

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25 3 Steps of Great Service Followed The 5 Steps Are You the Smartest Person in the Room…

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26 HOSTING’s Wow Training

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Measure It 28 Customer Employee NPS! Q12

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29 NPS! = Customer

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30 Q12! = Employee

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31 Hire & Promote for the Right Reasons

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32 Need to Communicate Change Company Evolution

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2 shots of Vision and Values Splash of Beacon & Value Prop Equal parts Tactical and Strategic Process – Zingerman’s and Zappos Shake rigorously with investments in people Serve Outside - In 33 Hosting’ s kool-aid

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Key Take Away Points Quality is commoditized, Info Democratized, Customers & Employees are empowered – C&EX is the difference Vision is where you are going, Values are how you get there Find the right problems to solve You can’t drive results, Behaviors drive results The seeds of a Service Culture will yield Intrapreneurs Be experience driven – customers and employees remember the experience

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Questions - Contact info Joel Daly– HOSTING COO jdaly@hosting.com