Duct Tape Marketing Culture Statement

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Duct Tape Marketing Culture Statement

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As we learn more we evolve! Updated 01/01/2015

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Is it good for the customer We don’t subscribe to the notion that the customer is always right, but we have learned that if we ask ourselves in every instance if a decision is good for our customers and community then we usually make the right decision.

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Our foundation Duct Tape Marketing was founded out of John Jantsch’s deep desire to serve small business owners in their quest to do more of what they loved while having the life they deserved.

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Our foundation That strong desire drives our mission to create the worlds greatest and most comprehensive marketing system on a path to positively impact over 1 million businesses worldwide.

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DTM Values Keep on the sunny side Learn something new everyday Make everything practical Take care of yourself This is a family business Lead by example Make work a better place

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Keep on the sunny side Stay positive about everything you get to do Fix the problem, not the blame Never criticize a customer or team member – they are why we exist Give up the need to be right Say thank you

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Learn something new everyday Invest all the time you need to find out why things work Figure it out yourself Ask for advice, not the answer Read and write Push beyond what you’re asked to do

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Make everything practical What are our customer’s goals? How do we measure success? How do we add more value? Will this new thing contribute or confuse? Is it good for the customer? No more than 3 priorities

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Take care of yourself Mind, body and sprit before work Manage energy and time Set goals for every area of life Expect more of yourself than DTM does Teach others how to take care of themselves

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This is a family business Trust, transparency and teamwork are our highest working objectives Growth trumps hierarchy No one is above taking out the trash Help each other

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Lead by example We are a shining example of the system we teach We can’t improve what we don’t measure Say I don’t know, when you don’t know – but find out Share your decision early

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Make work a better place Take the time you need to be fully engaged in what you are working on Suggest how we can do everything better Keep your space and your work uncluttered