Presented by Nathan Lippe, Collegiate Solutions Architect at CareerBuilder

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Presented by Nathan Lippe, Collegiate Solutions Architect at CareerBuilder

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Questions During Today’s Call > 1 < There Are Two Ways to Ask Questions During Today’s Webinar: Use the Q&A panel within the WebEx sidebar to submit your questions. Email: Kelly.Petrie@careerbuilder.com

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> 2 < Introduction One goal—ensuring businesses like yours can quickly match great candidates to great jobs CareerBuilder today is a GLOBAL HR SAAS PROVIDER: sourcing, job distribution and big data OF THE FORTUNE 1,000 leverages CareerBuilder to enable employment 92% CAREER SITES around the world We POWER OVER 1,000 We are the global authority in LABOR MARKET INTELLIGENCE We lead the industry We own more than of the help wanted market share 1/3 < As a technology firm, CareerBuilder employs over 300 engineers > in streamlining and automating job posting and candidate engagement

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Understand the Current Economic Situation Why College Data Matters to Build a Successful College Recruitment Program Discuss the impact of data: EMC Software > 3 < Learning Objectives

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> 4 < Current Economic Situation Unemployment Rate: 5.6% -0.2% Unemployment Rate: Bachelor’s Degree or higher Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Staffing Association

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> 5 < Ask Yourself I need to build a program, where should I recruit? Where can I find more diverse candidates? Which schools are growing/declining? If I go to these schools, how many students can I get? Where do students at X school come from?

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How Can You Use Data

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> 7 < How Can You Get Data Call Schools Emotion

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> 8 < EMC Software Conversation: Marie Gunning Sr. Manager, University Relations EMC Software

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> 9 < A Data Portal Should Be: COMPLETE

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> 10 < A Data Portal Should Be: FAST

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> 11 < A Data Portal Should Be: EASY

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Make data based decisions Choose campuses that are more relevant to the recruiting goals Stop wasting time with internal emotions Find schools with programs that you didn’t expect Measure your program success Identify, attract, and select top college talent efficiently. > 12 < Impact on College Recruiting

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Questions… > 13 <

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In Closing… > 14 < Thank You for Joining Us! All participants will receive an email tomorrow that includes: