Creating a Corporate Culture that Works for Your Business

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Creating a Corporate Culture that Works for Your Business

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Webinar Tips for Attendees You can connect to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers. Or, you may select “Use Telephone” after joining the Webinar. All lines will be muted to avoid background noise. You can ask questions at any time by typing them into the Questions Pane.

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Featured Speaker Susan Strayer LaMotte Founder & Principal Consultant @SusanLaMotte | www.exaqueo.com Alicia Garibaldi Senior Content Marketing Manager & Author of Employer Branding For Dummies® @albagaribaldi | Alicia.Garibaldi@Glassdoor.com

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Agenda Understanding and staking out your culture, core values, purpose and what you stand for Building and strengthening culture using diagnostic, auditing and research Aligning culture with recruiting, onboarding and performance management Using Glassdoor to reinforce and promote organizational culture Q&A

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Understanding Culture

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What Will You Stand For? Consistency Belonging Loyalty Values actions Alignment traditions Pride Beliefs Direction Words environment

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What Will You Stand For?

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Decisions Relationships Behavior Choices Core Values

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Examples in Practice: Zappos

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Examples in Practice: Netflix

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Understanding Culture Business Impact & Data

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Culture Diagnostic: CDX ©

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Culture Research

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4-Step Process Baseline Assumption (Leadership) Workforce Research Alignment and Gaps Analysis Culture Reality Definition

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Work Rules “Let’s perform a successful heart surgery today.” Time • Resources • Outcome • Activity

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Examples in Practice: ORS Partners

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Specific Examples

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Performance Management Measure for Alignment Share Examples Hold Accountable: Values in Action Development Opportunities Promotion Attrition Values Work Rules

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Culture in Action

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Culture in Action Default to Transparency You take pride in opportunities to share our beliefs, failures, strengths and decisions You use transparency as a tool to help others You always state your thoughts immediately and with honesty You share early in the decision process to avoid big revelations

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Culture in Action

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Using Glassdoor to Reinforce Culture

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Employer Brand Presenting a Realistic Picture of Culture

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Recruiting Aligning Recruiting Influences to Deliver Culture and Screening for Fit

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Glassdoor Why Work For Us? Tell Your Company Story

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Glassdoor Recent Updates Stay Current with Employees & Candidates

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Glassdoor Photos Showcase What It’s Like to Work at Your Company through Photos

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Glassdoor Responding to Reviews agree their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review 69%

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Glassdoor Benefits 76% of Millennials say retirement benefits are a major factor in their decision to accept a job offer

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Glassdoor Interview Reviews The First Impression of Your Employer Brand

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Onboarding Practical Cultural Immersions

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Glassdoor Reviews Knowing What Employees Are Saying About Your Company Is an Important Part of the Recruiting Process

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Glassdoor Job Seeker Stats on Reviews say that employee ratings and reviews are influential when deciding where to work are more likely to visit a company’s career site after they view its profile and read employee reviews read online reviews before forming an opinion about a company

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OpenCompany: 5 Steps Towards Transparency Add Photos Get Reviews Promote Your Profile Update Profile Respond to Reviews

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Glassdoor Heat Maps

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Glassdoor Reputation Word Clouds

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Employer Branding Resources Employer Branding Summit Videos eBooks on Employer Branding Blog with the Latest Trends in Employer Branding

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Delivering Measurable Results 2X 3X 30% the quality the influence lower cost-per-hire Customers across all industries use Glassdoor’s employer solutions to attract better, qualified candidates at a much lower cost-per-hire.

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