American Slang

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American Slang Работу выполнили ученики 10 «а»класса МОУ – СОШ № 4 г. Маркса Саратовской области. Руководитель: Александрова Е.А.

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Cabbage How mach cabbage do you have? Деньги

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Cake I don’t have cake in my pocket, in the bank or under my mattress. Деньги

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Big cheese The big cheese is giving everyone a bonus at the end of the year. Босс, начальник, ключевая фигура.

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Cup of tea That’s another cup of tea. 1 Другое дело. Playing cards is not my cap of tea. 2 Что- либо предпочтительное или желаемое.

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Hоt potato I don’t want to deal with that hot potato. Сложная проблема.

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Cool beans You have got a car, haven’t you? Cool beans! «Ну!», «Ну, даёшь!».

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Zebra The zebra blew the whistle and the game started. Рефери

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Bear This problem is a real bear. 1) Сложная задача. There’s a bear hiding under that bridge. 2) Патрульный полисмен на шоссе.

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Have you ever been in a country bear cage? Полицейский участок. Bear cage

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Bird I like the bird you were with. 1)Девушка

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Some old bird came up to me and tried to sell me a cookbook. Странный человек. Bird

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Dog My dogs are killing me. 1 Нога. She isn’t a movie star;she isn’t a dog either. 2 Уродливая девушка.

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Doggy-bag Shall we ask for a doggy-bag? Пакет, предлагаемый в ресторане для остатков еды.

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Dog and pony show I’ve seen that dog and pony show so many times. I know all the words and replies. Часто повторяемое шоу, демонстрация или речь.

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Dark horse We are sure that dark horse will appear before the election. 1 Неизвестный ранее участник соревнований или кандидат на выборный пост. A dark horse plays much better than all the others. 2 Незнакомый ранее.

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Cat 1)This cat wants to borrow some money from me. Приятель, парень 2)Don’t you know that Mary is such a cat. Сплетница.

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Hooks Don’t stand there with your hooks in your pocket .Get busy. Руки

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Big wheel. He is a big wheel with the gas company for while. Очень важная персона

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Egghead My uncle was an egghead. Интеллектуал.

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Литература: С.И. Тобольская. «В мире сленга». Саратов, «Лицей», 2004г.