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Автор работы :Лебедева Вера Николаевна Учитель английского языка МОУ Острожская средняя школа 6 класс DO UOU LIKE TO GO SHOPPING?

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There are a lot of modern shops in Great Britain What kind of shops are these? The baker’s The grocer’s The greengrocer’s The corner shop

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Culture Note Это слово -одно из самых важных слов в английском языке! Обязательно используйте слово «пожалуйста» в просьбах .Когда вы обращаетесь к продавцу в магазине ,назовите то ,что вы хотите ,а затем добавьте «Please»

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People buy things in different shops. What do shoppers buy in the baker’s? b In the baker’s shoppers buy… Bread Cakes biscuits

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What can we buy in the greengrocer’s? In the greengrocer’s we can buy some… Apples Potatoes Onions Carrots Oranges bananas

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Insert the missing word. I’d like some vegetables,………. Can I have a kilo and a half of flower,……..? I’d like to buy 200 grams of butter and a pint of milk,… .

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Nowadays everything is packed both in supermarkets and in shops. Match the words A bottle of Coffee A can of Chocolate A box of Orange juice A carton of Milk A packet of Peanuts A tin of Cat food cocoa coffee ;

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Look at the pictures and check yourself. A jar of coffee. A packet of tea A box of sweets

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Check yourself, please. A can of Coke A packet of nuts

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Here is an old English rhyme. Who is the shopper? What does the shoppers buy? Rat-a-tat-tat Who is that? Only Grandma’s pussy cat What do you want? A bottle of milk. Were is your money? In my pocket. Where is your pocket? I forgot it. Oh, you silly pussy cat!