My favourite toys

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My favourite toys

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I have got many soft toys. My favourite toys are smeshariks. My cousin presented me these toys. His name is Nikita. He is four years old. We like to play smeshariks together. Also we like to watch cartoons about smeshariks.

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We have five smeshariks: Jezhik is small and funny. He can run, jump and play football. Kopatich is strong and not lazy. He can dig. He likes honey. KarKarich is kind and smart. He can read books. He likes tea and cakes. Sovunjya is smart and nice. She has got medicine at home. Bibi is a UFO. He lives on the Moon.

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We dress our smeshariks in funny costumes. We drive smeshariks in our toy cars. We have got smeshariks in our pockets when we walk in the streets. We wash our toys. Our smeshariks are clean. Smeshariks are soft, nice and funny. We like smeshariks very much.