Debugging Recruiting

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Background Daniel Portillo

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Sourcing Referrals, Direct Source, Applications, Recruiting Agencies Evaluation Technical ability, work history, culture fit, references (formal/back channel) Conversion Pre-closing, comp discussion, offer delivery

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Person was not ready to receive the offer (pre-closing) Unclear role expectations (current & future) Decision making timeline Compensation Unaddressed organizational issues Reporting structure Leadership gaps Scared off in the interview process

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Interview each person an offer is made to Important to know why people say “yes/no” Identify conversion issue Top of the funnel, evaluation, closing/compensation Remove conversion obstacles

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Diagram experience If not consistent, then make it so Identify and fix holes Understand your funnel When are most people eliminated? Where are they choosing to opt out? Sell early and often Begin the closing process

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Do we have the right targets set? Systematically drive internal referrals If N is small find out why Hiring managers must source Hire recruiter, engage agencies Increase external presence Events, meetups, speaking engagements

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Why does it exist, what’s the potential? What’s unique about the company? Why is it relevant to the candidate? Why should they care? Can everyone involved in recruiting tell the story?

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