Going Beyond LinkedIn

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Going Beyond LinkedIn How Smart Recruiters Find Today’s Candidates

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Get In Touch Mike Walsh Sr. Product Marketing Manager Mike.Walsh@Glassdoor.com @MikeNWalsh Matt Charney matt@recruitingblogs.com

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Agenda What LinkedIn Delivers What Today’s Candidates Care About Influencing the Candidate 5 Strategies for Recruiting Beyond LinkedIn Get Creative With Search Target More Effectively Find Next Generation Talent Use Your Resources and Optimize Get Social Questions?

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Why Do People Use LinkedIn? To network To look for a job Marketing/communication Search for professional talent

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Challenges Limited to business professionals Many people aren’t interested in finding a new job or being contacted Limited information for potential candidates to get to know your company

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LI vs Twitter/Facebook

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How do you reach EVERYONE who is open to a new job opportunity?

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Reach Candidates Where They Are Researching Companies

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What Candidates Care About Awareness (not aware) Consideration (informed) Interview (prepared) Offer (invested) Hire (quality hire) Candidate is made aware of an opportunity Candidate researches and considers the opportunity Candidate prepares for the interview process Candidate decides whether to accept or decline an offer Candidate becomes an employee and posts a review LinkedIn InMail Glassdoor Monster Company & CEO Ratings Open Positions Employee Reviews Interview Reviews Interview Questions Salary Comparison Benefits Review Employee Review Indeed Headhunter SEO

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What Candidates Care About

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Today’s Candidates Seek Transparency and Authenticity in their Job Search

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69% of job seekers would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation... Even if they were unemployed!

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How do you influence job seekers at the point of career decision?

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Building Trust Is Key

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“Woo” the Candidates

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Be Real and Get Your Employees Onboard

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Showcase Your Employer Value Proposition

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Amplify Your Message

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5 Strategies for Recruiting Beyond LinkedIn

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1.) Get Creative with Search

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2.) More effective targeting

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3.) Find the Next Generation of Talent

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4.) Use Your Resources & Optimize

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5.) Get Social Highlight the good on career site and social media

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Find Today’s Candidates Where They Are Looking for Jobs Non-Traditional Talent Is Not on LinkedIn

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Gain More Than Just the Employer’s Perspective

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Fastest Growing Recruitment Site the most trusted place for today’s candidates to research companies and search for jobs

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Sources of Hire

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Get In Touch Mike Walsh Sr. Product Marketing Manager Mike.Walsh@Glassdoor.com @MikeNWalsh Matt Charney matt@recruitingblogs.com