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About The Resumator 3000+ diverse companies Leaders in every industry 49 US states Over 60 countries, globally Over 90,000 users to date $8B venture funds raised 50 successful mergers a year Several Million performers hired

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National Client Base Active Clients in Tech, Gaming, Insurance, and Healthcare Company Donates a Minimum of 1% of Profits Provides Recruiting & HR Consulting Services About CraftMatch HR

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Today’s presenters: 3 Justin Keller, Director of Marketing, The Resumator Kate Aughenbaugh, Recruiter & HR Consultant, CraftMatchHR Human Resources thought leader with 14 years of recruiting and human resources experience. Former Director of HR for VerticalResponse a 100 person online marketing solutions company. Fluent in Russian. Certified Yoga Instructor. Bold, data-driven marketer with nine years of leadership experience in the digital media marketplace. Former Director of Marketing at Visage Mobile a 65 person mobile analytics company. Musician.

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4 POLL: Are you hiring for marketing positions?

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What Marketing Used to Be Photo Credit: AMC

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Image credit: Marketo

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Creator 7 Amplifier Savvy Analyst CASA – A Marketer’s Skillset

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9 How To Attract The NMOTB Understand what it is you offer Provide outstanding training and development opportunities Define what your company needs from this role and what kind of person would crush this job Utilize performer referrals

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10 POLL: Do you think top performers are less motivated by salary when choosing a position?

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Always Be On The Lookout 11

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STALKING Unlicensed private investigating 12

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Favorite Marketing Interview Questions What’s on your ultimate 6 foot sub sandwich? How do you measure yourself? Ice Breaker: Finding a shared interest or interesting fact about the candidate to chat with them about before diving into the interview. Behavioral Based: Tells an actual story about past experience and the outcome. 14

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Don’t Be Afraid of Homework For creative positions give a detailed assignment with a quick turn-around For more analytical positions give data based assignments 15

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Hire for Life “What would you change if you were hiring for life?” – William Tincup, KeyInterval

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17 Hiring is always a gut decision – but how informed is your gut?

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18 Performers Only.

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Questions & Answers: Questions? 19 Justin Keller, Director of Marketing, The Resumator Kate Aughenbaugh, Recruiter and HR Consultant, CraftMatchHR