Advisor Websites Culture Handbook

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cul·ture (k?l - CH?r/) The sum of attitudes, customs & beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another

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Advisor Websites Culture Why is culture important? A great culture helps people deliver their best work.

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We’re led by 4 core values 1. Building a team we love 2. Creating WOW experiences 3. Thinking forward 4. Making it happen

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The more our culture is a community, the more willingness there is to accomplish goals.

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We are making it happen

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We are dreamers

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We are dreamers Yes, that’s Sir Richard Branson

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Why is AW the best place to work? The company has some pretty epic perks (kegerator, foosball, bbq, snowshoeing, ...) that exemplifies the, “work-hard, play-hard” philosophy. Plus, it’s nice to have a CEO with a sense of humor. I love the many opportunities to travel. We also have a pretty flat hierarchy, where everyone's expected to express themselves as an individual. - Loic J.

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We are friends

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We are active

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We are planners

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We put people first

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We does Culture mean to you? “Culture means I work at a place where I know I belong. If I ever need anything I have an entire team of colleagues supporting me to make sure we all succeed. We all work incredibly hard and it never goes unnoticed. - Taylor B.

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We are teachers

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We are creating wow moments

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We are thinking forward

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We live our culture every day “I feel everyone is a friend at Advisor Websites. Even though I didn’t know anyone here when I started, I feel the friendship as if I’ve known them for years. I think you’ll work harder for your friends.” -Lucas R.

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We’re wacky

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We have an office keg

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We have foosball tournaments

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We have foosball tournaments We have an arcade

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We are achieving goals

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… & we have a hell of a work ethic

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Cheers to the Best Workplace in BC