Cyber Security: A Failure of Imagination by CEOs

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Today every company is a cyber company Nearly a third of CEOs list cyber security as an issue that has the biggest impact on their company today Keeping data safe is no longer an afterthought whether it’s customer data or IP necessary to run the company

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of CEOs indicated that information security /cyber is the risk they are most concerned about 86% of CEOs list cyber as the issue that has the biggest impact on their company today 29%

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Are you ready? Only half of CEOs surveyed say they are fully prepared for a future cyber event

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Are you ready? While a large majority of US CEOs feel fully prepared, Europe and Asia CEOs are not as confident

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Globally 49% Of CEOs In the US 87% 31% 32% In Europe In Asia Pacific …are fully prepared for a cyber event

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What keeps CEOs awake at night Cyber security is tied to customer loyalty and trust as well as innovation 86% 72% 66% CEOs are concerned about loyalty of their customers CEOs are struggling to keep up new technologies CEOs are concerned about the relevance level of their products and services

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A breach can seriously undermine customer confidence and damage brand reputation

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Together these issues are creating the perfect storm on the talent side 40% of CEOs anticipate skill gaps will emerge – shortage is more acute when cyber professionals blend business, management & risk skills along with technical savvy. of CEOs not prepared for a future cyber event are more likely to increase head count 48%

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Many companies that suffer serious breaches think they were prepared. The root cause of their failing is often a failure of imagination. A failure to imagine the sophistication and persistence of their attackers. Malcolm Marshall Global Cyber Security Leader

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We interviewed 1250 CEOs Across 10 key markets: 400 150 125 125 125 US UK Germany China India 100 75 50 50 50 Japan France Italy Spain Australia

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We interviewed 1250 CEOs 9 key sectors: Asset management Automotive Healthcare Banking Insurance Consumer markets Manufacturing Energy/Utilities Technology Big businesses… 1/3 of respondents have over US$10B in annual revenue No responses from companies under US$500m

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For more information Visit kpmg.com/CEOOutlookCyber

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