3 Phone Problems Every Automotive Service Manager Needs to Address in His Department

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3 Phone Problems Every Automotive Service Manager Needs to Address in His Department

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The service department is the financial hub of the dealership.

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Yet compared to the sales department, phone skills are put on the back burner.

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Properly handling phone calls with customers is an important way to drive new customers into your service bays.

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A proper phone conversation is 3x more likely to bring a customer into your service department.

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Take advantage of every important service opportunity, and you’ll increase customer retention and your CSI score.

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Ready to get started at your service department?

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Pay attention to these 3 common problems happening on your phones.

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1. The Problem: “I don’t know why my service prospects are experiencing long holds or not getting through at all.”

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The number one problem service departments have on the phone is connecting callers to someone who can help them.

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The Solution: Find alternatives to route your calls to the right person at the right time.

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Call Scheduling

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52% of callers will not call back if the initial call isn’t answered.

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Call scheduling allows you to control the routing of calls based on time of day or day of the week.

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Use call scheduling after hours to route phone calls to a call center or a cell phone.

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Call Routing/Bridge/IVR

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Otherwise known as “menu routing” or a “phone tree.”

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Use a bridge to route callers to different areas of your service department.

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Callers will be greeted with this prompt: “Thank you for calling. Press 1 for parts, press 2 for service…”

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On average, calls coming into a bridge line are connected with their intended party sooner than those without a bridge.

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Staffing Your Phones

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The quickest fix to diminishing long hold times is to properly staff your phones!

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Utilize a multi-ring to ring multiple phones at the same time.

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The first qualified service rep who answers is connected through to the caller.

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There are 2 more problems happening on the phones at your service department.

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Download “3 Phone Problems Every Automotive Service Manager Needs to Address in His Department.” 3 PHONE PROBLEMS EVERY AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE MANAGER NEEDS TO ADDRESS IN HIS DEPARTMENT