Supply Chain: A Year in Review December 2015

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Supply Chain: A Year in Review December 2015

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Our Webinar Today Bob Davis, Principal Industry Consultant at SAS and Author Bram Desmet, Managing Director Solventure Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights

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Descriptors Used by Leaders

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Deployment Options

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Functional Organizational

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Risk: Top Disruptions

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Supply Chain for 2020 is about Growth. Embrace the Confluence of Technologies. Learn from the Past to Unlearn and Then Drive New Outcomes. Summary

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Founder: Lora Cecere Founder of Supply Chain Insights “LinkedIn Influencer” Guest blogger for Forbes Author of 4 books: Bricks Matter (2012), Shaman’s Journal (2014) and Supply Chain Metrics That Matter (December 2014), Shaman’s Journal (2014) Partner at Altimeter Group (leader in open research) 7 years of Management Experience leading Analyst Teams at Gartner and AMR Research 8 years Experience in Marketing and Selling Supply Chain Software at Descartes Systems Group and Manugistics (now JDA) 15 Years Leading teams in Manufacturing and Distribution operations for Clorox, Kraft/General Foods, Nestle/Dreyers Grand Ice Cream and Procter & Gamble. Contact Information: Email: lora.cecere@supplychaininsights.com Blog: www.supplychainshaman.com (10,000 pageviews/month) Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/search/?q=lora+cecere Twitter: lcecere (6500 followers) LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/lora-cecere/0/196/573 (50,000 followers)