8 Team Building Exercises That Rock

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8 Team Building Exercises That Rock

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There's nothing better than a fun, well-thought out game to learn about your colleagues and build some camaraderie. Unfortunately the odds are high that your team building exercise is cheesy. Because we want you to steer clear of boring & predictable games, we're listing 8 of our favorites: Game On!

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1 Human Knot Skills: Teamwork & communication Gear: None Rules: Create a group with an even number of people and stand in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Put your right hand out and grab the hand of someone across from you. Put your left hand out and grab a hand from someone else across from you. Within a certain time limit, your team members needs to untangle themselves without anyone letting go.

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Zombie Escape Skills: Creative problem solving & collaboration Gear: 1 rope, 1 key, and 5-10 puzzles or clues, depending on how much time you want to spend on the game Rules: Team is "locked" into a conference room. One volunteer member, the zombie, is tied by a rope in the corner of the room with 1 foot of leeway. Once the game starts, the rope is let out another foot every five minutes, bringing the living team members within reach. Team must solve a series of puzzles to find the hidden key that will "unlock" the door and allow them to escape before the zombie eats them all. 2

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Salt & Pepper Skills: Communication Gear: Tape, a pen & a small piece of paper for each person, and a list of well-known pairs (e.g. peanut butter and jelly, Mario and Luigi, salt and pepper). Rules: Write each of the pairs on the sheets of paper (Mario on one, Luigi on another). Tape one paper to each person’s back, then have everyone guess the word on their own back. Only yes or no questions allowed. Once you know your word, find your other half. When you find each other, sit and find three things you both have in common while game continues. 3

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4 Plane Flying Skills: Collaboration Gear: A long hallway, tape to mark launch line, measuring stick, card stock Rules: Each team gets a piece of card stock to construct one paper plane. Show them a variety of airplane designs and let them work together to construct one. The team whose plane flies farthest wins! Bonus award goes to best decorated.

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5 Scavenger Hunt Skills: Problem solving & collaboration Gear: Pen and paper, watches Rules: Small teams get a list of goofy tasks that can include taking a selfie with a stranger, taking a picture of something in the area that is hard to find, etc. Teams have a set amount of time to complete all tasks. Winning team is the one that completes the most tasks. At Wrike, we had our own scavenger hunt using our software to track each team's tasks. Check out that fun afternoon right here! ! k to read Clic

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Frostbite Skills: Creative problem solving & collaboration Gear: 1 packet of construction materials (e.g. card stock, popsicle sticks, rubber bands, sticky notes) for each team, an electric fan Rules: Teams of 5 are Arctic explorers who must construct a shelter to survive a snowstorm. Each team elects a leader — but the leader has frostbite and can only give verbal instructions. The rest of the team has the construction materials but are all snow blind. Start the timer and let the teams build. When time runs out, turn on the electric fan’s arctic winds and see which shelter survives. 6

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7 Perfect Square Skills: Leadership, communication, teamwork Gear: Long piece of rope tied together, timer, and a blindfold for each person Rules: Have everyone stand in a circle holding a piece of the rope. Then, instruct everyone to set the rope on the floor and put on their blindfold. Everyone must step away from the circle. Next, ask everyone to return and try to form a square with the rope with blindfolds on. Set a timer limit to increase difficulty. Or have instruct some team members not to speak.

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8 Barter Puzzle Skills: Collaboration, communication, decision making Gear: Different Jigsaw puzzles for each group Rules: Small groups are given different jigsaw puzzles but with the same difficulty level. Thing is: some of your pieces are in another team's pile. The goal: complete your jigsaw puzzle the fastest. Each team must come to a consensus on how to get missing pieces back — either through negotiating, trading, or exchanging team members. Whatever they decide to do, they must decide as a group.

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Need More? See our blog post for a lot more team building exercises d ck to rea Cli !

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