How To Improve People Management Skills

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STEP 1 Outline your goals No matter your story, outline your goals – and write them down.

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STEP 2 What can you improve? Consider taking a variety of professional assessments and personality tests to assess where you’re at.

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STEP 3 Talk to your team You team has a wealth of information on you as a leader, information that can help you improve.

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STEP 3 Get organized One of the reasons leaders are ineffective is because they’re all over the place.

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STEP 4 Take leadership courses Courses can help. There are tons of online courses that you can take at your own pace.

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STEP 6 Read management books Books transport you outside of yourself, and allow you to look at your situation from new perspectives.

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STEP 7 Learn how to listen There are five aspects of good listening– receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating, and responding.

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STEP 8 Practice praising 
 and rewarding To be a good leader, you have to give feedback to your employees, especially praise and rewards.

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STEP 9 Find a mentor or coach It can be difficult to accurately assess your own leadership skills. That’s why many turn to executive coaches, mentors, and others they can trust.

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STEP 10 Learn how to effectively communicate with anyone Effective communication is one of the most important parts of leadership, but as humans, we’re different, and we respond to different styles.

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STEP 11 Be more transparent As a leader, you should embrace it with your staff.

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STEP 12 Create a feedback system It’s great that you’ve invested so much in becoming a better leader, but you have to continually go back to your people to find out how you’re doing.

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