Headhunter Guide: Top Paying Jobs for People with No Degree

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Headhunter Guide: Top Paying Jobs for People with No Degree

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Introduction Judging by the current economic situation, it might seem hard to carve out a place for yourself in the labor market and earn a decent living, especially with no degree to your name. However, even if going to College represents a great opportunity for people who can afford it, it is by no means a prerequisite to becoming a successful person. Time and again, history has proven that university diplomas are overrated. Many entrepreneurs hit the jackpot with nothing but their street smarts and a great deal of motivation. If you would like to follow in their footsteps and earn a good wage, bear with us as we discuss the top paying jobs available to people with no degree.

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Firefighters & Cops For people who are easily bored, who hate desk jobs and want a position that will provide them with the daily action they seek, working as a firefighter or in law enforcement might be a good option to consider. Even if this represents the lowest annual salary on our list with around $50,000 a year (which is not too shabby if you ask us), the wage of firemen and detectives is usually accompanied by other interesting fringe benefits such as health & dental insurance and retirement pension. When you do the math, you quickly realize what a nice proposition it can be.

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Sales If you want to go where the real money is, sales is your destination. Whether it be cars, insurance packages or real estate that you offer, every industry has the potential for riches. Did you know that a great deal of people who join the ranks of millionaires every year in the US are salesmen and women? How is it so? There are two factors in play here: the commission you earn on the sale (which can be quite huge with properties and big cars) and the continuous revenue that selling such items as insurance can provide you with. The only criterion required to enter the profession is a true passion for people. If you have the fire inside you and truly want to help people (by finding the perfect offer to fit their needs), you will be able to build strong and lasting relationships with a clientele that will come to value you, your advice and services.

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Entrepreneurship Nothing is – at the same time – as liberating and scary as deciding to become an entrepreneur. It represents the archetype of the profession for the person with no degree as you will be the one creating your own job here! There are no restrictions to what you can set out to accomplish. From creating a copywriting service to launching a dog grooming company, your imagination is your only boundary. The goal, if you pursue that path, will be to turn a passion of yours into an occupation for life that can potentially make you quite rich. But the main satisfaction that you will derive comes from a deep sense of accomplishment.

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Internet Marketing Internet Marketing is in a class of its own as it requires close to nothing in funding to be started and you can do it part-time on the side while trying to escape from your lousy minimum wage job. The way it works is simple, you will build/collect a list of contacts around a particular topic or hobby (called a niche), and you will try and help that list by giving your advice and helping every member to the best of your ability. The money will come from the products you advertise to them as you earn a commission on every sale you generate. If you can make a decent living with the aforementioned strategy, the real riches lie in creating your own (digital) product. Once other IM’ers begin to promote your ebooks, videos and seminars, you will see the money pouring in from every side.

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Agent This profession is not for everyone. To give you a good headstart as an agent, you either need to know someone on the inside, a marketable person in your circle of acquaintances or be so dedicated that you are ready to do anything to find a rare jewel and convince her to side with you. On the other hand, no other job is as glamorous and exciting as being an agent. Not only will you be interacting with talents of all kinds on a daily basis, from athletes to actors, singers and writers, you will be paid handsomely to do so! To act as the middleman between a talent and her sponsors, you can expect to earn in the vicinity of $90,000.

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Conclusion The single most important factor in deciding whether you will be successful in your professional life is not the school you went to or the degree you earned. Even though it helps, there are plenty of high-paying jobs for the self-taught as we have seen in this presentation. You just must be willing to pay your dues and do what is necessary to put all the chances on your side. Whether it is to move to another town to pursue an opportunity or to work 12 hours a day to build your business, if you really want it, go for it! You might just become the next success story…

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