Social Recruitment: The World Wide War of Attraction

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(those born between 1980 - 2000 and raised online) will soon make up to 50% of Millennials YOUR WORKFORCE.

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Rather than ban social media, teach your employees how to use it. It’s everywhere. REMOVE BANS.

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As with any form of marketing, you need a STRATEGY. #1

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Consider what you need to do online to make sure you STAND OUT.

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You don’t need to be on all social networks – only the ones that will fulfil your goals. CHOOSE. Which weapons?

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Potential new candidates are most interested in posts about the progress of NEW HIRES. Tell their story.

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Share your social recruitment strategy with key stakeholders and GET APPROVAL. Document it.

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Once you have a strategy, you need to put it into ACTION. #2

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Corporate pages are free to setup and, unlike personal profiles, are OPEN TO ALL. Setup a page.

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Don’t prematurely invite people to “like” your new page. WAIT. Ignore the wizard.

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This will allow you to see who posted what content to your Facebook page MONITOR IT . Have your own logins.

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You can only change it once. Choose an easy to spell and remember name - keep it CONCISE. Be careful.

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To keep your username consistent on all social networks, use this site to check if it’s AVAILABLE. namechek.com

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Let potential candidates contact you via Facebook’s private messages, to protect PRIVACY. Page settings.

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Change the notification settings so you don’t miss any messages. Get them sent by EMAIL. Notifications.

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Posts from pages that we don’t interact with on a regular basis are hidden. AFFINITY.

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Facebook will hide posts with media types (e.g. video, etc) that you don’t interact with. EDGE WEIGHT.

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Post when your page followers are online. Poorly timed posts will be hidden. RECENCY.

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Once your Facebook presence is setup, it’s time to work on ATTRACTION. #3

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Set ads to show up to those that like or work for other organisations POACH. Advanced targeting.

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Import email addresses and target ads only at those people, on Facebook. RECONNECT. Custom audiences.

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Setup ads that only appear to users that have already visited your recruitment site. STALK. Retargeting.

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Which LinkedIn account you should choose depends on your goals and staff turnover. YOU DECIDE. Free v Paid.

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But, you can’t see the full details of those that are a 3rd degree connection or not connected to you. LIMITED DETAILS.

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If you’re a regular recruiter or time poor, then a paid account is worth considering. WHICH ONE? Paid accounts:

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You’ll likely want to consider the Business or Recruiter Lite accounts, based on YOUR NEEDS.

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If you’re a regular recruiter or time poor, then a paid account is worth considering to SAVE TIME.

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how social media can be used as a recruitment tool. You now know…

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