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Growing Your Business Lessons from Uber on Fueling Growth

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This has caused: The taxi industry to be disrupted. One transportation brand to be in over 70 cities. Over $1.5 billion dollars raised for expansion. Uber has quickly become a large transportation company

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So, how exactly did Uber grow?

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They did this to: To quickly reach early tech adopters. Address inadequate cab service in the city. They did this by: Sponsoring events (free rides galore!). These free rides led to strong word of mouth growth. Launched in San Francisco First

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Widespread taxi driver protests brought mass awareness to the Uber service. Controversy Supercharged Growth

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What Worked in San Francisco has Been Repeatable

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Uber created unique and relatable experiences for each city that they launched in. Big launches, city-by-city

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Uber offered free rides for referrals. This is a win-win because they got people to use their social capital to share the Uber service, while also making current customers more loyal customers. Free Rides!

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The Uber experience is great because it’s simple. Just press a button, a car comes to you, and payment happens automatically. Great experience

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Most of Uber’s growth came from its referral program. In addition to the referral program they offered, using the Uber experience was a great way to impress friends. If one person brings four friends who have never been in an Uber along for a ride, Uber potentially just got four new customers. Word of Mouth Growth.

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Created a great user experience that was able to fuel growth. Built a fun and easy to use product, while making it easy for customers to share the product and its benefits with friends. What Uber Did Best:

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It all starts with a great website. Leave first time viewers with a great impression and impress the customers you already have. Fuel the Growth of YOUR Business: