Beyond PTO: The Benefits of Updating Your Employer Benefits on Glassdoor

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Beyond PTO: The Benefits of Updating Your Employer Benefits on Glassdoor

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Featured Speaker Greg Castle Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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Agenda Why have we introduced this feature? Collecting Content  Screenshots  Enhanced Profile Features FAQs

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How Important Are Benefits to Job Seekers? 80% Influential in willingness to refer a friend* *2014 Aflac Workforces Report 59% Workers likely to accept lower salary for better benefits*

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Employers Differentiate through Benefits

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Employers Differentiate through Benefits 1 in 3 employees do not believe their benefits are better than those offered at competitor companies.* *2013 Glassdoor ECS

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Benefits in the Employer Center

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Additions for Employer Profile Clients Include an Overview paragraph of the Benefits offered at your company along with a featured photo or video specific to Benefits

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How Is Content Being Collected? (Job Seekers)

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What Do Clients See?

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US Benefits

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Can I Respond If Information Is Incorrect? Like all features on Glassdoor, you can add an Employer Response about any Benefit Review

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What Do Checkmarks Mean?

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What Benefits Are Important? Most important benefits according to employees include:

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17 employers.glassdoor.com/gdsummit

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