Essentials in Designing an Innovation Culture

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Essentials in Designing an Innovation Culture A collection of experiments with social structures

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Culture is the dynamic organization of social relations and the associated residues of dominant ideologies Assumption:

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Through ideology, seeding ideas, mass propaganda, targeted campaigns, social interactions, virtual and physical games, experiencing the aesthetics, experiencing technology How can we design culture?

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Steps in Designing a Culture

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Inject culture of innovation by opening up the barriers to thinking and action Liberate people from inertial systems and culture Barriers to thinking are essentially the baggage of an inertial culture Where to begin ?

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Create a chaos in the prevailing logic of an inertial culture Identify the weak spots in the resultant chaos Where to begin ?

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Create a cultural mix of futurists and existing thought leaders Introduce change agents and catalysts in the cultural mix Let the change agents to give a direction to the mix Let the catalysts reduce the threshold barriers to change What to do next ?

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Observe the evolving patterns Understand the behavioral changes Absorb different layers of evolving interest groups Continuously monitor the developing culture Spread the new ideas beyond the boundaries of action Minimize the layers of resistance and inaction Maximize the reach of change agents What to do next ?

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Action oriented people People oriented information systems Innovation driven instincts Iteratively constructed thought processes Socially conscious thought leaders Thought leaders inspiring further action What do we have finally?