Hiring for startups

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@DaveSchappell Hiring for startups 500 startups – may 6, 2014

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What? Primary: Recruiting/Interviewing Tips Secondary: Focus on Customer Be Great at 1 Thing Hire Slow(er)

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Who Am I?

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How do you build a team?

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READ: http://bitly.com/interview-neil Know what you’re hiring for Know what you’re going to ask Take notes Have an opinion & back it up

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What Makes a Startup’s culture?

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Recruit For Your Culture or…

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Nice to haves Must haves Rails/Ruby Android 3 Years PM … Passion Customer Focus Work Ethic Certain Skills

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Behavioral Interviewing

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Behavioral Questions Give me an example of a time you: … blew a customer away? (Customer Obsession) … delivered a key project under deadline? (Deliver Results) … improved a process of co-worker(Invent and Simplify) Dig: What did YOU do? How did you know it worked/didn’t? What could you have done better? Or, did you, in future? Give me another

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Favorite other Areas Beginning What did you do to prepare for this interview? What are three ways we should improve our product, to blow away our customer? End 3 Adjectives people use to describe you Give examples of what you’ve done Give them time for questions Suster:  ”No. Curiosity. No. Job.”

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Where do you find stars? Friends/FOFss Referrals Past employers/ees Networking/parties Craigslist + Word of Mouth ABR (always be recruiting)

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Other tips/tricks Interview cheat sheet (txt file) Don’t walk thru resume (lazy) Take lots of notes & type up interview Interview many candidates at once 4-6 interviewers (key employees, board) Assign areas of focus to interviewers Everyone log ‘votes’ before you meet Schedule in-person debrief with everyone

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Check references? Yes, eyes wide open Look for great Probe on anything where not raving Find a way to talk to non-references Read Mark Suster post: http://bitly.com/improve-startup-hiring

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All else When to Sell the Candidate? Recruiters vs. in-House? Referral Program? Comp Levels

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1-Slide Mini-Topics Customer conversations Be Great at One Thing Hiring too fast once funds raised

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Want Other Advice? @DaveSchappell http://blog.nosnivelling.com Mentor sessions tomorrow AWS Activate benefits for 500Startups This presentation borrowed from: http://twitter.com/#!/neilr http://twitter.com/#!/msuster