The secret life of recruiters on LinkedIn®

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The secret life of recruiters on LinkedIn®

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what do RECRUITERS look for when they are searching for candidates on LinkedIn®?

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add your LOCATION It seems obvious but you may be surprised how many people forget to display their current city on their LinkedIn profile.

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use key WORDS When recruiters search, they use key words to find you. Make the most of job ads to dig up the clues on which key words are most important to your role and plant those words throughout your profile.

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contact DETAILS

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Why didn’t YOU CALL? Sure, they can contact you via LinkedIn. But if you are really serious about looking for a job, why not make it easier for a recruiter to reach out by putting your email address on your profile.

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visit the nakedceo.com

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How to follow THE NAKED CEO The Naked CEO is your 24/7 career mentor, with job seeking and career building advice. There is new content uploaded every day. If you want to be the first to know, just click to follow us on Twitter @TheNakedCEO

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The only mistake is not trying in the first place. The Naked CEO, Alex Malley Chief Executive, CPA Australia