Startup workforce planning & hiring

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LIBBLER Innovating young talent acquisition Startup workforce planning & hiring

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What is workforce planning? To ensure an organization has the right people in the right places at the right time at the right price to execute its business strategy

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Startup common pitfalls “He’s cool, we should work with him!” “She’s happy to work for free.” Are you simply hiring people just like you, not what you actually need? “I have to create another new project for her.” How good is she? Are you hiring her for the quality of her work, rather than because she’s simply available/free? Do you actually need this person at this point or are you struggling to find the right work for her? Does she have the competencies to be successful at a startup?

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Startup workforce planning 1. CREATE THE RIGHT ROLE 2. ATTRACT THE RIGHT PEOPLE 3. HIRE TO RETAIN It can be as simple as this!

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Business needs Things I can/should delegate Which stage is your business in and what do you need to accomplish? Boil down your business needs into 3 buckets, prioritize and then carve out what you could delegate. Create Product Make Money Get Funding STRATEGIC KEEP THE LIGHTS ON NICE TO HAVE

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What’s my MVP hiring need? Things I can/should delegate Create Product Make Money Get Funding STRATEGIC KEEP THE LIGHTS ON Before you go out and hire, be lean! ?

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What should I look for? HARD SKILLS aka EXPERTISE SOFT SKILLS aka COMPETENCY To carry out the critical tasks that you can’t do yourself or you need to increase capacity for. Have a focus! (Bad example: Software developer who also knows banking operations and with direct sales experience) MOTIVATION Consider the day-to-day tasks. What is the single most important competency to do the job well? (Good example: someone that works extremely hard and can handle the rapid changes) Finding someone passionate and who can grow with the role & company. (Ensure that what they want from this role is what you can provide)

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What they should know ...Without a big name, big pay, and big team

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Universally attractive role profile WHAT YOU ARE BUILDING WHAT YOU ARE WORKING ON WHAT YOU NEED WHY THEY SHOULD JOIN Innovating the way global companies hire and retain young talent... Aggressively expanding our APAC clientele... Talent expert to help train and manage our users online... Access to top employers and direct mentoring... WHAT WE SAY ABOUT LIBBLER:

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Just like career mentoring

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Motivational drivers vs. your attraction DNA Learning & Challenge Working environment Career progression Sense of fulfillment Lifestyle Fun & meeting people Prestige Money ? ?

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Where do I hire them? Sources of hiring: Referrals from employees, clients, vendors Target groups e.g. HK Developers association LIBBLER for high potential business nerds! Regular role posting sites (but be aware your role may get lost in the mass!)

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Reaching high potential talent www.libbleremployers.com

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How do I assess them? HARD SKILLS aka EXPERTISE SOFT SKILLS aka COMPETENCY MOTIVATION Easy. If you don’t have the technical skills to assess proficiency level, then get someone to help you. Sort of difficult. Ask for specific examples instead of saying “Do you have good teamwork skills?” Difficult but very important! “Why do you want to join?” Gauge whether interest is genuine (e.g. have done research), demonstrate deliberation of role.

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Gen Y - the entitlement generation? Nope. You have to learn how to engage them – SMART tasks & frequent feedback

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Conclusion #1: Don’t settle! TECHNICAL SKILLS RIGHT ATTITUDE COMPETENCIES POTENTIAL MOTIVATED With the right workforce planning and implementation, startups can recruit top quality talent.

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MVP - Minimum Viable Persons Small projects Less critical Longer Term Strategic Core Team Conclusion #2: MVP to A-team Experiment with smaller projects. Develop your talent pipeline with the long term goal to build a core team with the right role & organizational fit.